Baby’s Brain Power – Off To A Great Start!

Believe it or not but your baby’s brain power development actually starts within the womb. We all know that a baby growing in the womb is a real-life person, but not many people consider the fact that our baby’s brain is actually developing throughout our pregnancy.

So right from the minute, the baby starts to grow, our lifestyle choices do have an impact on the baby’s brain.

Pre-Natal Development

Throughout a pregnancy, the baby’s brain is growing extremely quickly. In fact, at one stage of prenatal brain development, the brain is producing roughly a quarter of a million new neurons every single minute. This is a staggering amount and it is one of the reasons why pregnant women get so tired.

The baby’s brain is thought to have developed so much throughout the pregnancy that the baby can actually recognize its mother’s voice before it is born. That is the reason why a baby and its mother have such a strong bond after birth. The baby recognizes the mother’s voice and that instantly soothes them.

Every lifestyle decision that the mother makes can have a direct impact on the baby’s brain power. For example, if the mother drank a lot of alcohol when she was pregnant, it is possible that the baby’s brain could develop slightly differently.

This is because the brain cells would not necessarily know where to go when the brain was developing because of the high alcohol consumption.

Another thing that can happen to a developing brain throughout pregnancy is that little clumps of brain cells can start to develop outside of the brain. This causes conditions such as dyslexia and again it is due to lifestyle choices made by the mother whilst the baby was still in the womb.

Postnatal Brain Development

Generally, the baby’s brain will have millions of connections but the ones that the body does not need will eventually disappear. Only connections that are used by the child will stay such as the connection that helps the baby to grip onto objects or the connection that helps the child’s attention span.

Within the first year of your child’s postnatal brain development, you will notice that their development is extremely quick. It is really hard to keep up with the changes that occur you will witness your child starting to crawl, and babble and you will see their attention span becoming clearer with each month that passes.

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