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Development Of Brain In Small Kids

Development Of Brain In Small Kids

Development Of Brain In Small Kids

The development of brain is a truly fascinating subject. Did you know that in the early stages of development of brain, it’s growing by 250,000 neurons per minute? Let’s take a look at development of brain in human infants and what you can do to make sure a baby will grow up healthy and smart.

The Crucial Three Years

development_of_brainThere is a period of time in the development of brain that researchers refer to as the crucial three years. This is the period from conception to around 2 years of age. As soon as it is conceived, the fetus begins developing its brain.

The brain grows steadily in the womb. At the time of birth, the development of the brain is not quite complete; it’s only about 80% there. It keeps growing and reaches its full size at around age 2.

Brain Cells Are Taught In Early Life

Research has shown that it’s not only proteins that grow brain tissue; the early experiences of the infant also contribute to the development of brain. Early sensory experiences train the brain cells to make connections among themselves. In this way, the brain continues to be built until the infant is a small child.

Interactions And Development Of Brain

Another thing that aids the development of brain is interaction with others. The attention that parents and caregivers give a small child helps its brain development. This stimulation and interaction also teach the growing brain cells to make connections. So, in a manner of speaking, love and affection make a smarter child!

Aiding You Child’s Brain Development

What this means is that you should give your small child lots of stimulation and attention. Make sure they have something interesting to look at and lots of different sounds to enjoy. They should also get plenty of attention and interaction time with a number of different people. Studies have shown that kids who don’t receive stimulation and attention develop smaller brains.

Nutrition Is Key To Development Of Brain

Nutrition is also an important element in the development of the brain. It plays a major role by giving the brain the proteins and calories that it needs to form new neurons and cells. Pregnant mothers should make sure that they eat a balanced diet and get plenty of calories. Newborns also need the best nutrition possible.

The best source of these is breast milk. As a child is weaned off breast milk, make sure it gets enough protein, calories, and iron for oxygenating the blood.

Development of brain starts at the moment of conception and continues until age 2. As well as biological functions within the body, external stimulation and interaction with others also play a role. Don’t fall for the latest “smart baby” fad; instead, make sure the development of brain gets plenty of nutrition, stimulation, and attention.

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