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Structure Of Brain In Men And Women

Structure Of Brain In Men And Women – How We Think Differently

Structure Of Brain In Men And Women - How We Think Differently

When we look at the structure of brain, we can see that it’s true what they say – men are from one planet and women are from another. There are differences in the ways information is processed in the structure of brain between men and women. Let’s look at some of these differences to see whether they confirm our gender stereotypes or not!

The Results Are In – Men Are Smarter!

structure_of_brainMost scientists don’t like to point out this ugly fact about the structure of brain, but it’s a fact that men’s brains are bigger. Of course, they have bigger bodies; but brain size is disproportionately bigger. Men have 10% more brain cells and 100 grams more of tissue. Well, that proves it – men are smarter! Just kidding; women can easily counter the brain size difference by asking, “Why do they need bigger brains to do the same things?”

The truth is that neither gender is smarter; they just process things differently. Let’s look at some of the things that men’s and women’s brains do better.

Men – The Mathematical, Analytical Mr. Fix-Its

The structure of brain in men makes it better at judging time and the speed of things. That’s why men love NASCAR racing so much. They’re naturally better at math and calculating football stats for their favorite players. They also have a better ability with spatial skills which is why they’re such better drivers.

Women – Emotional Linguists Who Are Better At Planning

Women’s brains allow them to recognize emotions, relate to human beings, and cry at movies better. Women are much better at all aspects of language, especially when it comes to talking about relationship problems. They also have brains that function better where all aspects of aesthetics are concerned which is why they like to look good while their male counterparts don’t seem to give a rat’s. They’re also better at carrying out preplanned tasks and multitasking, especially in shopping malls.

How Do We Know Any Of This?

Of course this article is meant to be humorous. But strip away the bad jokes in the last two paragraphs, and you’ll see the real differences in the structure of brain of men and women. Men’s brains show more activity in time relations, judging speed, mathematical calculations, and spatial relations. Women’s brains who more activity in human relations, recognizing emotions, most aspects of language, aesthetics, and planning.

The way we know all of this is through “brain mapping.” New technologies allow us to see how the structure of brain works by seeing which parts are most active. Women’s and men’s brains are not shaped differently but are more active at certain skills. This also doesn’t mean that men can’t relate well to others and can’t multitask; or that women can’t be mathematicians or race car drivers.

In any case, learning about the structure of brain in men and women is interesting and entertaining. You can use this knowledge to better understand your significant other!

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