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Lobes Of Brain And How They’re Affected By Brain Injury

Lobes Of Brain And How They’re Affected By Brain Injury

Lobes Of Brain And How They're Affected By Brain Injury

Damage the lobes of brain cause a wide variety of different symptoms. In this article, we’ll identify the four lobes of brain and their functions. Then, we’ll look at what happens when they’re damaged.

The Frontal Lobe

The frontal lobe is the forward-most and also biggest of the lobes of brain. Of all the lobes of brain, this is also where some of the most complicated thought processing occurs. It chiefly handles cognitive thought and memory. This is where a lot of your conscious thinking functions take place, as well as your personality and emotions, sensory information, and voluntary movements. It also handles speech.

When there is brain damage to the frontal lobe, there can be a wide variety of symptoms. You might have trouble with coordination, slurred speech, other language disturbances, drastic changes to personality, and trouble interpreting sensory information. Control over facial expressions may be lost, as well as the ability to be spontaneous. Damage to the frontal lobe can drastically change a person, but it doesn’t change IQ.

The Parietal Lobe

The parietal lobe is located at the top of the brain, slightly back from the frontal lobe. It is mostly concerned with sensory input and recognizing sensory information. It is also involved in body awareness and spatial relationships. In particular, it allows you to perceive where your body is in relation to other things.

Damage here causes lots of physical problems. Since this is one of the lobes of brain that deals with spatial relations, people who have brain damage here may have trouble with motor skills that involve space. For example, putting on clothes or washing their bodies; these are tasks that require you to be aware of where you are. They may also have problems handling objects. Damage to this lobe also causes language disturbances.

The Temporal Lobe

Located at the lower back part of the brain, the temporal lobe deals with auditory, visual, and memory functions. It is also has a huge part in a person’s language ability. When people have injuries that affect this lobe, they may have trouble hearing, processing language or recalling long-term memory. They also often have severe personality changes.

The Occipital Lobe

The occipital lobe is located at the back of the brain. It is the visual control center for the brain and body. Almost everything you experience visually is processed here, including recalling visual information, recognizing shapes and colors, and so on. Damage here is rare because of its location, but it always involves visual problems. These might be distorted perceptions, loss of color, abnormal colors, visual hallucinations or loss of depth perception.

The four lobes of brain carry out many of its important functions. When there’s damage to any of these lobes of brain, it can cause serious disturbances in a person’s life and personal relationships. If you’re suffering from trauma to your brain or spinal cord, you should visit a doctor immediately.

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