Knowing More About GHB Brain Effects

Knowing More About GHB Brain Effects

Knowing More About GHB Brain Effects

Knowing More About GHB Brain Effects

Knowing More About GHB Brain Effects

Gamma-HydroxyButyric Acid

Known commonly as GHB, Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid is a slightly salty, odorless, colorless compound that comes in liquid, powder, or capsule forms. You may have heard of it by the name of liquid ecstasy, G, or grievous bodily harm, among others This drug has had a history of being used by doctors in certain situations in the past and is still in use in some countries for narcolepsy and childbirth management. However, because of new information about GHB brain effects, it is now illegal in the US and many other developed countries. Penalties have been put in place for those who use, make, or sell GHB.

GHB’s brain effects make it a popular club drug and is now very prevalent with college students. It causes inebriation and an extreme sense of euphoria. It can cause loss of inhibition as well and is said to improve sexual pleasure.

GHB Makes It Hard To Say No

ghb_brain_effectsGHB has brain effects similar to date rape drugs and so has been categorized as such. It has been widely used as a date rape drug in bars and college campus for quite some time now. It is often slipped into an unknowing victim’s drink while they aren’t watching.

GHB brain effects can put a potential victim into a vulnerable position. After consuming a drink laced with the drug the victim loses inhibitions and the objectivity to say “no”. As the drug unfolds its sedative effect, the victim becomes drowsy and alertness starts to wane. It can even render the person unconscious, an extreme state of vulnerability.

Memory Loss

Another GHB brain effect is the loss of memory of the time during which the drug was active in the person’s system. This period is usually from 2-3 hours when GHB is taken by itself. However, when taken or are given with a fair amount of alcohol, the influence of the drug can be extended greatly, it can remain active for 20-30 hours.

How It Works

GHB effects the brain by manipulating dopamine, the compound that relieves stress and encourages a feeling of well-being or happiness. GHB has been shown to initially slow down the release of dopamine but after a while, it causes overproduction and release of it into the blood.

One reason why GHB brain effects are so strong is that GHB can pass through the blood brain barrier, a virtual wall that blocks most ingested chemicals from entering and interacting with the brain. Being able to pass seamlessly pass through this barrier gives GHB its potency.

Beware Of GHB

GHB is a dangerous drug that can cause unwitting victims great pain. Extended use has been shown to cause depression and suicidal tendencies. Used as a date rape drug it’s efficacy is tremendous. Steer away from situations where GHB is used and always be aware of your drink and where you get it when you are out. Stay safe!

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