Cancer Brain Types – What You Need To Know

Cancer Brain Types - What You Need To Know

Cancer Brain Types – What You Need To Know

Cancer Brain Types – What You Need To Know

Cancer Brain Types - What You Need To Know

Cancer brain is caused by an abnormal growth in the brain or spinal cord. It is especially dangerous in the brain because the cranium is small and even slight damage to this area can impair thinking. Cancer brain should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible so that it can be treated.

Primary Cancer Brain

There are two kinds of cancer – primary and secondary. Primary cancers are those that start in the brain. They are usually malignant, which means that they continue growing by themselves. They don’t need anything else from any other part of the body.


cancer_brainThere are many types of primary cancers in cancer brain. The largest group is gliomas. A glioma is a kind of tumor that spreads in the spine or brain by attacking the glial cells. These are cells that send support and nutrition to the nerve cells. Gliomas don’t actually attack nerve cells themselves. However, if the glial cells are damaged by a tumor, they can prevent the brain from functioning.

Metastatic Tumors

The other type of cancer brain is secondary cancer. Secondary growths are also called metastatic tumors. This means that they travel from one part of the body to another. For example, the growth in abnormal cells may start in the breast or lungs and then move to the brain where it becomes a cancer brain. This is the most common cause of cancer brain. They usually come from breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, and colorectal cancer.

Treatments For Cancer Brain

There are various treatment options for cancer brain. Contrary to what many think about the disease, it is completely treatable and not always fatal. Primary growths especially can often be removed without further cancer developing.

The most common treatment is surgery to remove the tumor, followed by chemotherapy to ensure that there will not be more cancer brain. A newer treatment is external beam radiation, which is non-invasive and requires no surgery. Which treatment is best depends on many factors, such as tumor size, patient age, and risk factors?


The best treatment for cancer brain is prevention. Prevention involves early detection so that treatment can begin before it progresses, and avoiding things that raise your risk of cancer brain such as radiation or toxins.

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer Brain?

There is a common myth circulating that cell phones increase your risk of cancer brain. The truth is that there is no evidence to support this and there are quite a few studies that show that there’s no relationship. The reason this is widely believed is that cell phones do emit radiation, but it is very little.

Cancer brain can be treated most effectively by being diagnosed early. If you experience any of the symptoms of cancer brain, talk to your doctor immediately.

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