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Brain Cancer Ribbons

Brain Cancer Ribbons

Brain Cancer Ribbons

Raise Support and Awareness

There are many disorders and causes that have their own ribbon that supporters use to grow awareness or demonstrate their support for their cause. Brain cancer is no exception. As mentioned these silicon ribbons have a few different functions. The first is that they bring awareness to brain cancer. It can help foster dialogue between those unaware and those greatly affected by brain cancer. It then enables the wearer to educate people about brain cancer and what they can do to help fight the disease.

Another use for Brain cancer ribbons is to show and tell others who are themselves or have a loved one who is afflicted with brain cancer that they are not alone. It lets them know that there are others out there fighting the same battle and working toward a cure. It is a visual statement that you understand and support them in their fight.


Brain Cancer ribbons are often used as a tool to raise sorely needed funds. The cost of producing them is usually pretty cheap and so the profits can go to local, national, or even international organizations that provide care, support, and facilities for those battling brain cancer and their families. In addition, these funds are also used to continue and sustain further research to find successful treatments and ultimately a cure for brain cancer.

Grey for Grey Matter

Brain Cancer RibbonsIf you are looking for ribbons that support brain cancer victims and research then you’ll want a grey-colored ribbon. Grey represents the grey matter in the brain. There are a few organizations that sell these ribbons and donate portions of each sale to a brain cancer cause. At Choose Hope Inc their brain cancer ribbons have “Say It, Fight It, Cure It!” written on them. For Canadians, Rainbow of Hope does the same thing in Canada.

Say Hi

If you ever see someone wearing one of these bands, take some time to ask them about their experience. You’ll be amazed at some of the stories and you might just make a new friend. If you’re even more interested ask them how you can help support the cause of finding a cure for brain cancer. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled you asked!

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