Brain Testing – Tests, Exams, and Quizzes, oh my!

Brain testing is a huge endeavor! There are a multitude of tests out there for the brain and mind. All of us love the way these tests can quantify our intelligence or aptitude. We love them, ourselves cause they tell us how smart we are (or not).

Our bosses and schools love them cause they rank our aptitudes against each other. And the academics love them cause they provide a window into our thoughts and the workings of a single mind. So just what are these brain tests and how exactly can they help?

Understanding Brain Testing

Well, there are many different tests that you can take to measure different dimensions of your brain. Each of them have been specifically designed to suss out the status of your brain through answers to purposeful questions.

You will be able to see exactly how well your brain reacts to various tests and from there you can work on any issues that may or may not come up.

IQ Tests

You may want to measure yourself against the general population using an aptitude test measuring your IQ or intelligence quotient. These tests measure your reasoning, problem-solving, and spatial awareness.

There is a long history of IQ testing and its continued development means these tests are constantly being refined. You can be sure that the results you get from an IQ test reflect where you are on the aptitude map.

Brain Dominance Tests

If you are curious about which side or hemisphere of your brain is the dominant side, there are tests that can help you find out. It’s pretty interesting to take left right brain tests to find out which side of your brain is dominant because the answer will reveal exactly what kind of thinker you are. Are you an intuitive, holistic, right-brain thinker? Or a logical, sequential, left-brain thinker? The questions on these tests will play on those thought characteristics and see which ones you lean towards.

Memory Tests

Memory testing can be a great way to see how well your short-term memory is working. Memory is a key function of the brain and an indicator of overall brain health. It’s especially important for older persons to test their memories so they can determine any loss of memory function and then be able to correct it.

A classic memory test is a word recall game where you are shown words for a limited time and then must recall as many as you can. This is an easy test that can be done at home and if done often enough will improve your memory! Try doing a few and track your score.

Benefits of Brain Testing

Brain testing does 3 important things for us. First, they provide cold hard numbers for us to measure our abilities. It may seem a little cruel but it is important for institutions, schools, and businesses to know how me measure up versus other people.

Second, brain testing gives us a way to check for any onset of mental disease or deterioration of brain function so that it can be sorted out early.

Thirdly, taking and/or preparing for these tests (although many cannot be prepared for) give our brains exercise, and like anything in the body, the more use it gets the more it will improve.

Overall brain testing is a really important process that allows us to see whether we do have any potential problems. It also gives us the chance to improve certain parts of the brain and to see if we have any more potentially serious problems that could be holding us back.

Our brain health is important if we are to function properly so it is important to do things that help to keep our brain fit. By testing the brain and finding our faults, we can then improve our brain’s fitness and therefore improve our health overall.

Many of the tests out there are designed to quantify our human brains. The IQ test, for instance, attaches a number to our brain that tells us how smart we are. Other tests out there help us determine something about our brain, whether we are right or left-brain thinkers for example. If you are interested in or want to take a certain test, check the links below for information and links to actual brain tests. Sharpen that pencil and enjoy!

Left Right Brain Tests

Left Right Brain Tests What Kind Of Thinker Are You? Curious about which side or hemisphere of your brain is the dominant side? It's pretty interesting to take left right…


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