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Left Right Brain Tests

Left Right Brain Tests

Left Right Brain Tests

What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

Curious about which side or hemisphere of your brain is the dominant side? It’s pretty interesting to take left right brain tests to find out which side of your brain is dominant. There are many such tests available both on the internet and in books. The questions might vary, but their underlying methods and ideas are the same.

How Do You Think?

left_right_brain_testsOne aim of these types of tests is to measure how much your mind is geared toward linear thinking or to holistic thinking. Linear thinking is thinking that is based on orders of things or ideas. A linear thinker will put the pieces together until a whole concept is constructed.

The left brain is responsible for this kind of thought. Holistic thinking on the other hand, is a different kind of thinking where the overall idea is understood first. Then smaller parts that make up the general idea are put into place. Details are added, and the picture is fleshed out. This is right-brain thinking.

Type of Questions

Questions on left/right brain tests that measure this quality come in different forms. You will recognize such questions in the way they separate the different kinds of thinking and corresponding answers. Right brain responses will involve going from a whole idea to its parts. Left brain answers will involve starting with steps that lead to the whole.

Another general area evaluated with left right brain tests is sequential or random thinking. Sequential tasks are those such as making lists, planning schedules and learning things in a specific sequence. This is the realm of left brain thinkers. A random, right-brain thinker, as the name suggests, is more inclined to change the direction of thought willy-nilly. A random thinker may start several projects at one time. The challenge will be in completing them. Random thinkers, as a rule, are also bad spellers.

The left/right dominance tests check for these types of thinking by asking about the way you might go about completing a large task such as writing a term paper. Or they may ask how you might start a project, either by starting up on all little tasks involved at once or by knocking down those tasks down one by one. Others may ask about the number of projects you start at one time. Some may just come out and ask how you feel about schedules.

Left right brain tests look at whether you favor working with symbols or concrete objects. Left brain symbolic thinking means you prefer dealing with abstract math and language symbols. Right brain thinkers prefer to experience real objects in their environments.

Left vs Right Brain Thinking

Right brain thinking is more intuitive than left-brain thinking, which leans more on logic. Left right brain tests will emphasize the difference between those who go with their gut feelings and those who reason things out. Finally, left/right brain tests will mark the contrast between the verbal left brain thinkers and their right brain counterparts who chose their answers that correspond to visual learning and expression.

Left right brain dominance tests are really fun to take. After reading this article you may have a feeling that you lean towards left or right brain thinking, the only way to find out is to take one of these tests. They can also help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Allowing you to leverage those abilities that your have and to work on those that you are weak at. They too will unlock patterns and approaches to learning that suit you best. Go on! Are you an intuitive, holistic, right-brain thinker? Or a logical, sequential, left-brain thinker?

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