Brain Training

Keeping Your Brain In Shape


Brain training has been publicised quite a lot over the past few years and that is because experts have realised just how important our brain health is to our overall well being and quality of life. If you want to live a happy and healthy life, you need to have a well functioning, healthy brain. Just like the muscles in your body, your brain is a 'use it or lose it' organ. You know when muscles arent used very much they begin to get weak and atrophy, the exact same thing can happen to your brain! If you let it languish for too long it will start losing its potency. You gotta keep those brain cells strong and alert! There are tons of exercises and programs (not to mention brain teasers and puzzles) that can help you keep your brain fit and cognitively firing on all cylinders! Being buff isn't just for those dumb muscle cells anymore!

Train Everything

Brain TrainingLots of brain training exercises are developed with the memory in mind but there are also many other types of training that can be done to help other parts of the brain. Think of weight training, body builders don't spend all their time just training one part of there bodies, to be a brain heavyweight you need the same strategy of working to improve all functions. Perhaps your listening skills aren't as good as they could be, or perhaps you find it hard dealing with numbers? Whatever your weakness there is a way to strengthen that cognitive function.

No Pain, No Gain.

The main thing to remember about training your brain is that you need the activities to be challenging. In the gym, using too little weight really doesn't do much to build muscle. The same is true of brain training. Training with activities that are too easy won't really give you any benefit. You need to challenge your brain in order to help to improve it. So if you want to improve your memory, you need challenge it by memorizing a growing number of items. Want to be quicker with your arithmetic? Sweat through more and harder math problems. The more you use a certain brain function, the more brain cells will be connected to that part of the brain and existing connections are reinforced.

Mix It Up

You'll want to mix up your brain training activities as well. Both to keep things fresh and interesting for yourself and to use your brain functions in different ways and combinations. If you are doing math problems, maybe try doing them backwards or doing them with objects instead of written numbers, like on flash cards. If you like reading, try reading a different genre than you usually read. The key here is to keep your brain on it's toes and guessing.

Overall brain training is designed to help you to improve the health of your brain. You go to the gym and keep fit to keep your body healthy, but what about your brain? Check the links below for some of the best ways for you to train your brain. Learn which brain training strategy best suits you!


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