Increase Brain Power – Tips For More IQ Points

Increase Brain Power - Tips For More IQ Points

Increase Brain Power – Tips For More IQ Points

Increase Brain Power – Tips For More IQ Points

Increase Brain Power - Tips For More IQ Points

There are a number of ways to Increase Brain Power and the capabilities of your brain. You have to think of it as a muscle. The more you use it the more it will grow, become more agile, and get stronger. To get it in the best shape possible there are a few things you’ll want to do.

You’ll want to cross-train that muscle so that it gets adept at different actions. And just like any other muscle, you need to feed it with the proper nutrients so that it has the fuel it needs and the material to grow and repair itself. In the article below we’ll see how to accomplish all of the above.

Mindfulness Exercises

Now there are great ways out there to work out your brain. I’ve talked about brain teasers as a great brain training tool, for more on brain teasers click here and here for other forms of brain training. But for this article let’s try another approach, let’s talk about a great warm-up for training that can eventually become part of your daily ritual. It’s called Mindfulness Exercises.

Mindfulness exercises are basically meditation techniques that reduce stress and improve concentration. There are different ways to exercise mindfulness, like meditating, concentrating on small sensations (feelings in your toes), deep breathing, observing your thoughts, listening, and intellectually exploring music, on top of that you can create your own way of practicing mindfulness and clearing your mind.

Maybe writing thoughts on a chalkboard in your mind and then erasing them. Do mindfulness exercises as part of your pre-work routine, before any major brain-busting activity, or simply when you’re stressed out.

Be Creative

Learning new ways of solving problems can also Increase Brain Power. Try increasing your creativity capability with some of the brain creativity exercises. One technique that you can try is called “Assume the Absurd.” This technique involves formulating absurd or impossible solutions to a problem, no matter how crazy they may seem. Work and have fun with ideas and see where the thought process takes you.

Sometimes you will be surprised at what realizations can materialize! All the while you are training your brain to use different parts and view problems from different angles. Another technique is looking at the problem from the other end, trying to come up with situations and reasons to force the problem to occur.

Don’t Forget Nutrition

There are some nutritional factors involved in increasing your brain power. Of course not only do you need to exercise your brain like a muscle but like a muscle you need to feed it. Give it the fuel it requires to crunch all that data and the nutrients so that it can create new cells and repair old ones.

Some foods too are better than others for your brain. There are certain foods that can increase memory, problem-solving abilities, and even creativity. Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are not only healthy for the body but they are also healthy for the brain.

You should avoid foods high in saturated fat and high in sugar as this slows the mind and creates peaks and values in available energy for thought. Here are some good brain foods to consider: Avocados, Bananas, Brewer’s yeast, Broccoli, Brown rice, Brussels sprouts, Cantaloupe, Collard greens, Legumes, Oatmeal, Oranges, Peanut butter, Peas, Potatoes, Romaine lettuce, Salmon, Soybeans, Spinach, Wheat germ, and yogurt.

Learn more about brain nutrition here. In addition to nutrition, keep in mind that lifestyle habits such as exercise and proper sleep also impact your brain’s fullest potential.

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