The Most Common Symptoms Of Brain Injury

The Most Common Symptoms Of Brain Injury

The Most Common Symptoms Of Brain Injury

The Most Common Symptoms Of Brain Injury

The Most Common Symptoms Of Brain Injury

Brain injury results from serious trauma to the head or spinal cord. It’s often difficult to recognize the symptoms of brain injury because they may mimic symptoms of other problems. Symptoms of brain injury may also vary widely and they may not appear until many years after the accident.

Some may appear immediately while others make their appearance later. This is further complicated by the fact that symptoms of brain injury differ depending on which part of the brain was damaged.

Basic Symptoms

symptoms_of_brain_injuryThe basic symptoms of brain injury include headaches and dizziness. You may feel unbalanced or experience a lack of coordination. Many people report feeling clumsier than they ever were before. Vertigo, where the world seems to be spinning around you, is also a symptom. You may also experience stiffness or weakness in different parts of the body.

Behavioral Changes

Many people who suffer from brain injuries develop changes to their personality or behavior. Impulsiveness is one symptom of brain trauma. You might feel unable to control your sudden urges. It also often leads to behavior that is socially inappropriate such as laughing at the wrong times. People who suffer from trauma may also find themselves easily irritated and unable to cope with even small stresses.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are also a common symptom of brain trauma. These mood swings most often express themselves as feelings of anxiety or nervousness. You may also suffer from depression or sleeping problems that you never experienced before. The sufferer themselves may not notice these symptoms but those around them can often note the changes.

Cognitive Symptoms

Symptoms of brain injury also include problems with ordinary everyday thinking. Memory disturbances, where you have trouble remembering things, are common. It might be difficult to concentrate, focus and hold your attention on anything for any length of time. It may seem like it’s hard to find the right words you’re trying to say when expressing yourself. People who suffer from brain trauma often have vision problems as well, such as blurry or double vision.

When To Get Help

If you recognize any of the above symptoms of brain trauma, you should talk to a doctor immediately. Brain trauma can cause serious problems down the road, so the sooner you get started treating them, the easier it will be.

Especially if you’ve been in a car accident or had any other kind of accident, you should seek help immediately. Even if you didn’t bump your head, sometimes the symptoms of brain injury are caused by your head moving back and forth quickly, such as in the case of whiplash. Talk to a medical professional immediately if you recognize any of these symptoms of brain trauma.

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