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Technology Competing With The Human Brain

Technology Competing With The Human Brain

Technology Competing With The Human Brain

Many people are not aware of the fact that their own brains are more advanced than any computer in the history of mankind. The human brain is so complex that scientists are only recently beginning to understand the various facets of this complex organ and a full understanding is still many years away.

The Human-Computer

The human brain is in control of everything in our bodies. As our senses take in the world around us it is up to the brain to decipher this information and react to it in different ways. Since it is constantly preoccupied in taking in all of this information we might not always be able to see what it can do when it is focused on one particular problem.

The Adaptability Of The Brain

The brain has been built to adapt to changes throughout our lifetime. In our younger years our brains are more able to recover from injuries and, although this tends to slow down as we get older, they never completely stop adapting. The neural pathways which are formed quickly in our younger years continue to develop throughout our lives and into our old age. The development of these neural pathways begins when we are younger but they should never stop developing as we continue to grow older.

Learning From The Past

Learning From The PastOur brains are able to do something that computers are not; learn from our mistakes. They have the ability to evaluate our previous actions and decide whether or not to make the same mistake again. If it decides that the action should not be taken again, then it will work out a new method of solving the problem. This flexibility allows us to constantly improve our cognitive abilities and

Repetition And Learning

Once we have programmed something into a computer it will generally take in and use this knowledge without much effort. The brain, on the other hand, requires time to take in new information. Learning something new is not always easy because we have to constantly repeat the action in order for our brains to fully accept the new motion or concept. Learning new concepts is important because it will learn how to relate this information to other problems and eventually it will be solving a range of different problems a lot faster.

Stimulating Your Computer

Your brain is in need of constant stimulation. This stimulation improves its functioning and it even helps to prevent the decline of cognitive abilities. Taking the time to stimulate this organ will not only enable you to use it more efficiently but it will also help you to retain these abilities once you reach your golden years.

Stimulating your brain through mental exercise will help you to retain information and allow you to improve your memory but you must also remember that physical exercise is just as beneficial.

The human brain is an amazing organ, and it is capable of much more than even the world’s most powerful supercomputer. Try some games, riddles, or brain twisters, and see what you can make it do!

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