How Is The Brain System Like A Computer?

How Is The Brain System Like A Computer?

How Is The Brain System Like A Computer?

How Is The Brain System Like A Computer?

How Is The Brain System Like A Computer?

It’s really tempting for people to compare the brain system to computers. After all, both are used to store and process information. Both function as control centers for a complex organization. However, these similarities are only superficial. In this article, we’re going to look at how the brain system is completely different from a computer and in all ways more complicated.

Sending Signals

Both your brain system and the system of a computer operate largely by sending signals. Both do it electrically. It’s surprising for many people to find out that their brains are operated by electrical signals, but this is the case. But there’s a huge difference in your brain system. It sends information also chemically. This includes all of the chemicals that fire in the brain to activate your thinking and emotions.

Off And On

Probably the main reason for so many comparisons between brains and computers is that neurons work in a way that looks similar to how binary code works. Neurons are switches in the brain that can be either on or off, just like binary 0’s and 1’s.

When they’re on, the signal goes through; when they’re off, it doesn’t. But brains are analog while computers are digital. The difference is that neurons have different levels of action. There are different shades of action, which is impossible with digital. This also means that they don’t always pass the signal through even when they’re open.

Areas Of Processing

In computers, each task, function, or memory is contained in a certain area. Although research on the brain system for many years have shown that tasks are carried out in certain parts of the brain, it’s not nearly as simple as a computer’s localization. Each task is performed using different parts of the brain and each part of the brain carries out different tasks. It’s not as simple as a computer’s localization where a certain thing always happens at a certain place.

Brains Think

Finally, the biggest difference and main reason why the brain system will always win in the man versus machine debate is that brains think. Computers don’t. The brain system uses creativity and spontaneity to solve problems, remember things, communicate and carry out all other tasks. Computers can only do exactly what they’re programmed to do. They use logic and they use it perfectly, but beyond that they can’t do a thing.

So don’t worry; the brain system is never going to be beaten by the computer system. The two are very similar on the surface, but when we look more closely we see that the brain system is infinitely more complex.

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