Brain Lesions – Symptoms And Treatment

Brain Lesions - Symptoms And Treatment

Brain Lesions – Symptoms And Treatment

Brain Lesions – Symptoms And Treatment

Brain Lesions - Symptoms And Treatment

When you scrape your knee, that scrape is known as a “lesion.” You can get them anywhere on your body and you can also get brain lesions.

This is a little-known health issue but it can be very serious. The term “brain lesions” is often used for any abnormality on the brain when it’s first spotted by doctors. This only adds to the confusion about exactly what these are. To further add to the confusion, there are many types and many causes.

Causes Of Brain Lesions

Brain lesions can be caused by injuries, diseases, congenital malformations, exposure to chemicals, or immune system problems. Virtually any problem with the brain can cause brain lesions. This includes aneurysm, stroke, encephalitis, traumatic brain injury, brain cancer, or multiple sclerosis. A lesion is often a warning sign of developing a disease.

The Symptoms Of Brain Lesions

There are lots of possible symptoms. They include headaches accompanied by fatigue, nausea, vomiting, or lack of appetite. There might be visual disturbances such as blurry vision or double vision. You may experience memory loss, mood swings, problems with thinking or concentration, general confusion, or changes in personality.

There can also be fever, neck pain, or seizures. Since these are very general symptoms that could be caused by many other diseases, it’s important to get to a doctor quickly if you experience any of them.

Brain Lesion Diagnosis

Brain lesions are most often diagnosed by brain scans. The most common method is MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), although any neuroimaging method can be used. When your brain is scanned, the doctor will notice an abnormal area that is usually white, in contrast to the dark surrounding tissue. Further investigation of the abnormal area will show whether or not it’s a brain lesion.

How Serious Are Brain Lesions?

One common misconception is that brain lesions are always a sign of multiple sclerosis. The truth is that they can be completely harmless or very serious and in fact life-threatening. They can be big or small, or they can be an entire area of scarring. It’s important to rely on your doctor for the proper diagnosis and not panic at this point.

Treatment Options

Treatment of brain lesions varies widely. It depends on what the underlying cause is determined to be. Your doctor will work with you to decide the best course of treatment. No matter what the underlying cause, early diagnosis, and treatment always helps. This is the best way to prevent your health problems from worsening.

Brain lesions can range from virtually harmless to extremely serious. If you recognize any of the common symptoms above, see your doctor immediately and undergo an MRI or other brain scan. The sooner you start treatment, the safer you’ll be.

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