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When you've got an injury, you need an Illinois brain injury lawyer to help you settle your claim quickly and efficiently. You're suffering already from pain and complications, so you need relief fast. An easy place to turn to is the internet; you'll find lots of listings of attorneys in your area. The only problem is choosing between them all.

Instead of doing a blind internet search and sifting through hundreds of Illinois brain injury lawyer websites, it's much better to use a website that directs you to good legal professionals. Here are some online resources to help you find the attorney that's going to get your claim settled.

Brain Injury Association Of Illinois

Illinois Brain Injury LaywerIf you haven't already checked it out, the Brain Injury Association of Illinois is a great overall resource. It's full of information that's helpful for those who've suffered from brain injuries. Although it's not geared specifically toward finding you an Illinois brain injury lawyer, hooking up with your local chapter can really be valuable. You can also use the site to learn as much as possible about your conditions.

Illinois State Bar Association

The Illinois State Bar Association is full of useful information. If you click on "Public," you'll find a link that says "Find a lawyer." This will lead you to their lawyer finder page. Here, you can select a field of practice and county or zip code. Click on the submit button, and it will give you attorneys in your area who can help. They also have a phone referral service that you can use to get a recommendation. This can help you get a consultation with an Illinois brain injury attorney that can help. The site also has tips on picking the right one.

State Lawyers

State Lawyers allows you to find lawyers and legal information by state. On the Illinois page, you can search either by city, county or practice area, and it will give you a list of lawyers. Under areas of practice, they don't list "brain injury," but you can search under "personal injury."


Avvo is a great resource for finding an Illinois brain injury lawyer. You can search by location or area of practice, and it will give you a list of attorneys with contact information. Even more importantly, it gives you ratings and reviews from people who have used their services in the past. It ranks them from best to worst, so you can see which lawyers get the best results. This is a valuable resource for finding an attorney.

A good Illinois brain injury lawyer can help you settle your claim in a way that's fair to you. The only tricky thing is finding the right attorney to handle your case. The above resources offer everything you need to find the right Illinois brain injury attorney to get you the help you need.


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