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EANM - Easy


How many common four letter English words can you make from the letters EANM using all the letters in each word?

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Jack and Jill Coin Toss - Easy


Jill offered Jack the following bet: she said she would toss 3 pennies in the air, and if they fell all heads or all tails she would give him $1. If they fell any other way, he had to give her 50 cents. Should Jack accept?

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7's from 1 to 100 - Easy


If you count from 1 to 100, how many 7's will you pass on the way?

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Father's and Daughter's Age - Easy


I am four times as old as my daughter. In 20 yrs time I shall be twice as old as her. How old are we today?

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G,C,L,M - Easy


Complete this sequence of letters: G, C, L, M, ?
(hint: the individual letters are the first letter of a word and the words are in decending order)

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How Many in This Bouquet - Easy


How many flowers do I have if all of them are roses except 2, all of them are tulips except 2, and all of them are daisies except 2?

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What word am I - Easy


I am eight letters long - "12345678"

My 1234 is an atmospheric condition.
My 34567 supports a plant.
My 4567 is to appropriate.
My 45 is a friendly thank-you.
My 678 is a name.

What word am I?

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Elemental Cipher - Easy


Decipher this 3 word code:

15 89 19 68 16  36 92 16 1   6 1 53 6 47 8

(hint: The key for the code should be easy to find, it's elementary in it's design.)

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Monthly Rule - Easy


Each number shown below follows a certain rule. Figure out the rule and fill in the missing number.
Janurary = 20
April = 10
May = 5
November = 15
July = ?

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Penny in a Canoe - Easy


A canoe is floating in a swimming pool. Which will raise the level of the water in the pool higher, dropping a penny into the pool or into the canoe? Or does it make any difference?

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Key Word - Easy


What four letter word can be attached to the end of the words in the left column and to the beginning of the words in the right column to form 6 new words ?





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Fore Word - Easy


Which word of four letters can be added to the front of the following words to create other English words ?


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4 Letters, 3 Words - Easy


Replace the blanks in the following sentence with three four letter words, the same four letters must be used for all three words. What are the words ?

THE YOUNG MAN   . . . .   . . . .  OF MONEY

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Key Word 2 - Easy


On each line place a three letter word which can be attached to the end of the word to the left and to the beginning of the word to the right to give two other words. The first letters of the three letter words will give another word reading downwards. What is it ?

TALL   ( ... )  HOOD
COVE   ( ... )   RAFT
FOND   ( ... )   HEM
ROB   ( ... )   TILL
DOUGH   ( ... )  HATCH
FORE   ( ... )   PAGE

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Special Dartboard - Easy


A special dartboard has only eight segments. The segments are numbered clockwise from the top as follows:

15, 3, 6, 4, 12, 5, 10, 0

The number on each segment corresponds with its unique point score. How many different combinations are there to score 18 on this dartboard using three darts only ? Each dart lands in a segment and no dart falls to the floor.

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Word Connection - Easy


The following words have a connection. What is it ?




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Crawling Caterpillar - Easy


A caterpillar crawls at a speed of 21 inches per hour towards a vegetable patch. After being overindulgent it returns, over exactly the same distance, at only 7 inches per hour. What is the caterpiller's average speed over the entire journey ?
  Note: The "journey" does not include over indulging in the vegetable patch.

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Paper Cup Recycling - Easy


A recycling factory makes its own paper cups for use in it's cafeteria. It can make one new cup from nine used ones. If it has 505 used cups how many can it possibly make in total ?

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Fore Word 2 - Easy


Which three letter word can be attached to the beginning of the following words to give six other words ?


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Caculator Sum - Easy


Assume you are using a basic calculator and replace each question mark with a mathematical sign. Plus, minus, multiply and divide can each be used once only.

 3  ?  7  ?  5  ?  4  ?  3  =  ?
What are the highest and lowest possible totals ?

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Voweless Scientists - Easy


The names of three scientists are written here, unfortunately the vowels have been missed out. Replace the vowels to discover the three names.

Who are the scientists ?

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Missing Letters - Easy


The alphabet is written here but some letters have been missed out.


Use the missing letters to form the name of an author. Who is it ?

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Capital Strokes - Easy


Of those numbers whose English representation in capital letters consists only of straight lines, only one number has a value equal to the number of straight line segments required to write it out. What number is this?

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Round Manhole Covers - Easy


Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?

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Flock Survivors - Easy


A farmer had nine sheep, and all but seven died. How many did he have left?

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Three Under the Umbrella - Easy


Three large people try to crowd under one small umbrella, but nobody gets wet. How is this possible?

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On and Off the Bus - Easy


You are a bus driver. At the first stop of the day, eight people get on board. At the second stop, four get off, and eleven get on. At the third stop, two get off, and six get on. At the fourth stop, thirteen get off, and one gets on. At the fifth stop, five get off, and three get on. At the sixth stop, three get off, and two get on. What color are the bus driver's eyes?

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Apples - Easy


If you take two apples from three apples, how many do you have?

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Short Word - Easy


A certain five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it. What is the word?

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