Symptoms of Brain Tumor

The Symptoms Of Brain Tumor Explained


Do you know how to recognize the symptoms of brain tumor? Brain tumors are caused by brain cancer. They are always serious but not always fatal. Since the success of treatment depends on early detection, you should understand the symptoms of brain tumor. If you experience any of these, talk to your doctor immediately. Here are the most common symptoms of brain tumor.

Morning Headaches And Vomiting

Symptoms of Brain TumorThe most common of all symptoms of brain tumor is headaches. These usually occur in the mornings and you might have one daily. By afternoon they start to feel better. Of course, a morning headache could be the symptom of any number of problems; but this headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting is one of the sure signs. Often, after vomiting, people feel better and the headache goes away.

Balance And Coordination Problems

Other symptoms of brain tumor include problems with coordination. You may feel off balance sometimes and it might be difficult to walk straight. If you have trouble doing things you ordinarily do, this could be an indication, especially if you have other symptoms of brain tumor as well.

Cognitive Problems

You may also have problems with your thinking. These most often occur in speech, vision and hearing. As a tumor grows, it begins to affect various areas of the brain. For this reason, there may be a number of different disturbances. Some patients also feel fatigue or sluggishness. In serious cases of advanced brain cancer, you might have seizures.

What To Do

If you experience any of the symptoms of brain tumor, you should see a specialist immediately. They can perform tests to see if there is any abnormal growth in your brain. These tests might include x-rays and brain scanning methods such as MRI or CT scan.

Treating A Brain Tumor

Doctors will assess which type of brain tumor you're suffering from in order to determine the best course of action. Primary tumors are those that start in the brain and grow there. They can usually be removed through surgery without the regrowth starting again. A majority of brain cancer cases are of secondary tumors. These are also called “metastatic” tumors. These start in one part of the body and travel from there to the brain. Secondary tumors are much more difficult to treat than primary, and they have a higher chance of recurring at a later time.

Brain cancer is a serious illness but it is treatable. If you notice any of the symptoms of brain tumor, talk to your doctor immediately. Of all the symptoms of brain tumor, morning headaches accompanied by vomiting are the most common. There is no time to waste when it comes to brain cancer, to see your doctor as soon as possible.


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