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Pete From The US


Draw a 4 by 4 matrix so as to display 4 columns and 4 rows. In the top row, place the number 999 in the first box, then follow with the number 998 in the second box. The number 997 is placed in the third box and the number 996 goes in the fourth box. Second row down, has the numbers 729, 648, 567 and 486 placed in each box of that row. Third row, second to the bottom row, has the numbers 126, 192, 210 and 192 placed in each box of that row. The bottom row, has the numbers 12, 18, ? ,and 18 placed each box.

Note: The matrix dimensions must appear as follows.

999, 998, 997, 996
729, 648, 567, 486
126, 192, 210, 192
12, 18, ?, 18

Find the missing number '?'

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Sengupta From India


Each of the six friends Alex, Barry, Chris, Derek, Elmer and Frank visited their friendly neighborhood department store to purchase a particular item and the respective amounts by which they fell short of the price of the item was $ 30, $ 29, $ 28, $ 26, $ 24 and $ 23. Even when the six friends pooled their finances together, they did not have enough money to buy the item.

Given that each of the six friends had an integer number of dollars in their possession, what was the price of the item?

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Another From Sengupta


The minute hand of an analog clock is situated precisely on a minute mark, while the hour hand is exactly on the next minute mark. What time is it?

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