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Are You Dominated By Your Right Brain?


Although you need your entire brain to function properly, you use different parts of it for different functions. The right brain (or right hemisphere) is more prone to creativity and in some people it is more active than the left. These people tend to be more inclined to creativity and "thinking outside the box."

How This Affects Your Personality

Right BrainPeople who are right-brained tend to be more outgoing. They are usually more flexible and they are more prone to seek out adventure. While this can be fun at times it can also be troublesome since right-brained individuals are not always very practical. If this is true in your case then you should not be worried; there are ways in which you can train the left side of your brain to function together with the right. By playing these games often you can train the left side of the brain to include itself in problem solving and other aspects of your daily life.

Your Hobbies

People who are right-brained tend to choose hobbies that are more creative in nature. You might find that you enjoy music, daydreaming and art better than you enjoy sports, reading or silence. If you enjoy these activities then you will be more inclined to include them in your life and this is how the dominant side of your brain can affect everything from how you see the world to what you do in your spare time.

Making Your Way Into A New Career

When it comes to choosing a career it is often important to take your skills into account. There are certain skills that you can learn while there are others that you are simple born with. Right-brained individuals tend to struggle in practical and mathematically-oriented situations and so this is something that you have to take into account when it comes to choosing your career path. If the left side of your brain is need of training then you can train it to become more dominant by using training techniques such as games, puzzles and riddles.

Testing The Dominant Side Of Your Brain

If you want to find out whether you are right-brained or left-brained then there are many tests that you can take to find out which of your sides are more dominant. Taking short personality tests or looking at moving pictures are both ways in which you can find out which is your dominant side.

The Ballerina

There is a simple way to test the dominant side of your brain and that is called the "dancing ballerina" test. The dancing ballerina is a figure of a ballerina that is constantly in motion. Most people see her turning clockwise or anti-clockwise but there are those that are able to change their perception and see her turning both ways. The direction in which she is turning when you see her will depend on the dominant side of your brain. If you see her turning clockwise then you are using more of the right side of your brain. If she is turning anti-clockwise then you are using more of the left side of your brain.

Want To Learn More?

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