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11 More Brain Twisters That Will Make Your Day


Brain twisters offer a great way to test and tease your mind. These are games that take some "out of the box" thinking to solve. They make you think creatively and use different parts of the brain. Brain twisters offer a fun way to keep your brain sharp. They usually come in the form of logic or word problems. Here are a few brain twisters to give you a little taste. The answers are at the bottom!

1. Growing A Beard

More Brain TwistersThere is a man who shaves three times a day and he still grows his beard. How is this possible? (Hint: he's not shaving another part of his body).

2. Walking Across A Room

This is a classic among brain twisters. You're walking across the room. Right now you're 8 feet away from the door. With each step, you cover half the distance to the room. How long does it take you to reach the door?

3. Spelling Numbers

If you started spelling out each number (starting from one), how long would it take before you reached the first letter "A?" Get comfy and start counting!

4. Yesterday After Today

When does yesterday come after today?

5. A Baby Fox

What is a baby fox after it's 8 months old?

6. Upside Down Five Letter Word

What word written in capital letters looks the same upside down as it does right side up?

7. Test Your English Grammar

Which one is correct: "9 and 6 is 14" or "9 and 6 are 14?"

8. Unscramble

Unscramble these letters to make just one word: USTOODWERNJ.

9. Crime And Punishment

There is one crime that is punishable if you try it, but if you actually commit it, they'll leave you alone. What is it?

10. Riddle Me This

I run but can't walk; I sing but don't talk. I have hands but no arms, and a face but no head. What am I?

11. High And Dry

What gets wetter the more it dries?

Had enough yet? If this article wasn't enough to make your head spin and make you want to spend a night of mindless TV watching, get online and look for more brain twisters. There are lots of sites full of brain twisters… if you really want to spend your evening doing that!


1 - He's a barber, so he shaves other men's faces all day and grows his own.

2 - If you cover half the distance each time, you'll never reach the door; you'll always be covering half the distance! In a while, you'll be taking millimeter steps, but you'll never get there.

3 - Hopefully you gave up; the answer is "one thousand."

4 - When you're reading through a dictionary.

5 - A 8-month-old baby fox.


7 - Neither. 9 plus 6 equals 15.

8 - The answer is "JUST ONE WORD."

9 - Suicide.

10 - A clock.

11 - A towel.


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