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More Brain Fun That's Free And Doesn't Kill Brain Cells


Do you want to have some brain fun that's easy to do? You really don't need anything fancy to enjoy a little brain fun and also improve your thinking skills. You definitely don't have to take any psychoactive substances – they all have side effects and many can kill you. Instead, here are some safer and easier things you can do.

Sit And Do Nothing At All

More Brain FunSit somewhere and start breathing deeply. Close your eyes if you feel distracted. Keep breathing slow and naturally, and let your mind simply wander. Watch your thoughts pass and become detached from them. Guess what? You're meditating! For many people meditation is spiritual, but you can also do it for a bit of brain fun. Many find it enhances their mental abilities and creativity. Try it and you'll see how much fun it can be to do nothing at all.

Give The Other Hand A Try

Most of us have tried writing with our left hands (right hands for lefties). Why not try doing something else? Tonight, try brushing your teeth with your left hand. How is this brain fun? It really gives your grey matter a workout because different parts of the brain control different sides of the body. It's a fun challenge but try not to make a mess.

Repeat The Same Word Over And Over Again

If you really want to get "out there," take any word in the English language and repeat it over and over again. For example, "shoe." Keep repeating it and it stops being that thing you put on your feet; pretty soon, it's just a sound that your mouth is making. You can do this with single words or phrases.

Take A New Way To Work

Brain fun can be as simple as taking a different way to work or school each day. Try a different road or path. Your brain gets lots of stimulation from changes in environment. It also makes this part of your day a little more interesting. Just be careful that you don't get lost.

Become A Master Linguist With Your Own Language

Try speaking backwards. This really gives your mind a challenge and can provide hours of brain fun. You can also learn a new skill! The same goes for speaking Pig Latin. Pig Latin is when you take the first sound of each word and put it at the end, followed by "ey" as in "hey." It's not really Latin and it has nothing to do with pigs, but it gives you mind a great workout.

Brain fun is easy to do anywhere. You don't need fancy games or mind-expanding drugs. Try out these simple brain fun exercises and see if they're entertaining to you. It's recommended that you do them alone, however, so you don't look like a complete idiot.


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