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No part of suffering from a brain injury is easy. Just getting back into your day to day routine takes lots of work and patience. Finding a Missouri brain injury lawyer to help with your claim can add further to your problems if you don't know where to look. The internet is full of wonderful resources to help you find the right attorney for you. With a good Missouri brain injury attorney, you can rest assured that your case will be settled quickly and fairly, and then you can get on with your recovery.

The Missouri Bar Website

California Brain Injury LaywerThe website of the Missouri Bar has some useful resources for finding a Missouri brain injury lawyer. Aside from lots of information about the law in Missouri, it also has a referral service. They also have their own "Lawyer Search" page that allows you to look at lawyers and law firms that are currently accepting new clients. You can select an area of practice, language and location throughout the state. It will give you a list of lawyers with links to their websites, contact information and a general profile telling you what areas they practice. The referral service costs $25, but it can put you in touch with a good attorney who can help your claim immediately.

State Lawyers

State Lawyers is another site that lists attorneys with their profiles and information. The Missouri page also has facts and figures about the state, and links to other legal resources.

Lawyer Ratingz

What's even better than turning up a list with links is finding real information from former clients. Lawyer Ratingz is a site that allows you to leave a review for your attorney. If you're looking for a Missouri brain injury lawyer, this site offers you valuable information from people that have been there. These reviews help you choose the best lawyers from your list and avoid the ones who don't do such a great job. You can either search an attorney by their name or use their database to search by location and area of practice.


Avvo is another similar site that's worth checking as well. At this site, they get a rating as well as a review, letting you know how well they performed according to former clients. You'll find information here that they won't tell you on their websites.

When you're looking for a Missouri brain injury lawyer, you've got enough to worry about. What you need is a skilled attorney that's going to go the extra mile to get you the settlement you deserve. Luckily, the internet offers lots of resources for finding the right Missouri brain injury lawyer to take care of you. Make a list of attorneys in your area and narrow it down until you find the right one.


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