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When you're suffering from a brain injury, it's essential to get started looking for legal help immediately. The internet offers a wide range of resources to help you find one. Searching directly using Google of another search engine may not be the best use of your time because it will turn up more results than you can look at. Here are a few more time-efficient places to look for help.

The Minnesota Bar Association

Minnesota Brain Injury LaywerThe Minnesota Bar Association offers some wonderful resources for finding brain injury lawyer. At the top of the screen you'll see a link that says "Find a Lawyer." Click where it says "Web-based referrals" and it will give you another screen where you enter type of case and specific location, and it will give you a list of results. All of these attorneys are board certified and qualified to handle your case. You can choose a few of them to contact and then narrow it down.

Brain Injury Association Of Minnesota

This site offers all kinds of resources about brain injury cases in Minnesota. If has a helpline where you can call them for instant assistance. It isn't a site specifically designed for finding lawyers, but it is full of information and help in managing your case. It's part of a nationwide network of similar associations which are designed for helping people with traumatic brain injury.


FindLaw is a site designed specifically to help you find a lawyer. It's a nationwide service and provides help for any type of case. Through their site, you can choose a location and area of practice; then begin narrowing your search. It will give you results that apply to you, and you can contact them directly through the site. It also has an "Answers" area where you can ask questions, and blogs about different legal topics.

When choosing a brain injury lawyer in Minnesota, make sure that they're capable of taking on your case. Brain injury cases fall under the category of personal injury law. However, you shouldn't trust any personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Make sure you hire a legal professional who has years of experience specifically with brain injury cases. This will ensure that they've got the expertise to help you.


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