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Are You A Left Brain Personality Type?


People who are more left-brain dominant tend to be more practical, more logical and more mathematically inclined. The left part of the brain deals with reasoning and decision making and those that use this part of the brain more frequently tend to be more precise and detail-oriented although they might have difficulty when it comes to being flexible and creative.

Affecting Your Personality

Left BrainWhen the left side of your brain is more dominant you tend to be more practical. Left-brained people are more logical and so they deal with situations and problems in a very logical and methodical way. The more left-brain dominant you are the more you will appreciate order and tidiness and this will not only reflect in your taste but also in your everyday life. Those that are dominated by the right side of the brain do not pay as much attention to tidiness and order as those that are dominated by the left side of their brains.

The Hobbies Of Left-Brained People

If the left side of your brain is more dominant then you will probably enjoy hobbies such as reading, playing with your dogs or listening to classical music. These people tend to think linearly and they converse in the same ways. Emotions do not control the thoughts and actions of people who are left-brain dominant since they do not use these to make important decisions.

Career Options

For those who are controlled by the left side of their brain, choosing the right type of career can often lead to success. If you use your natural skills then you will be more inclined to find enjoyment and success within your career. Those who are methodical and precise in nature will find that certain career paths such as becoming a judge or lawyer will be more in tune with their personalities.

Testing Your Dominant Side

If you want to find out which side of your brain is more dominant then you can simply search the net for many tests which will provide you with these answers. You will usually be required to answer a few simple questions about your character and your likes and dislikes before you are given the answer. Each of the questions have been designed to test whether you controlled by the left or right side of your brain and as you answer each question your scores will be added to make up the answer.

The Ballerina Test

A simple way to test which side of your brain you use is to watch the image of the dancing ballerina. The ballerina is turning constantly and it is up to you to decide which way she is turning. People who are left-brain dominant tend to see her turning anti-clockwise from the moment they begin watching the picture. Those who are right-brain dominant tend to see her turning clockwise when they first come across the picture.

Want To Learn More?

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