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When you've suffered a brain injury, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Finding a Georgia brain injury lawyer can be a long, tiring process. The web is a great place to look, and it's full of wonderful resources to help you find the right attorney without even leaving the comforts of home. We all know that you can search "Georgia brain injury lawyer" on Google or any other search engine, and you'll find many lawyers offering their services. The problem with this method is that it turns up too much; you get overloaded with sites to look at, and you don't have time to spare in looking through them all. This guide will give you some easy resources for finding the right Georgia brain injury attorney to help you.

State Bar of Georgia

Georgia Brain Injury LaywerAlthough it's not a referral service, the State Bar of Georgia is a good first place to look. It offers information about lawyers practicing in the state, and also has a referral service. It doesn't put you directly in touch with a lawyer, but instead leads you to another lawyer referral service that can evaluate your claim and offer suggestions. You can use this service to get a list of good lawyers who practice in this area.

FindLaw Georgia

An even easier way to find a good Georgia brain injury lawyer is to look at attorney referral sites. One of the best of these is FindLaw. On their Georgia page, you'll see a listing of different Georgia cities, counties and metro areas. They also have a city-by-city list that includes everything. You can also browse by condition to help you find the right attorney. The results that you find on this site will give you the attorney's contact information, a link to their web address, and a short description of what they do. The site doesn't list "brain injury" specifically, but if you search under "Personal Injury," you can find lots of attorneys who practice in this area.

Lawyer Ratingz

Once you've found several personal injury lawyers in your area, and made sure by checking their sites that they're also a Georgia brain injury lawyer, you'll want to check their ranking. Lawyer Ratingz is a site that lists attorneys from across the country with client reviews of their work. Enter in the names of the lawyers from your list, and you'll see a profile for each. On this profile will be rankings and comments from former clients. This is a great way to find out how well they performed and, unlike other attorney ranking sites, the ratings aren't all 5's. You can get an honest idea of how they handle their cases.

The Internet is essential for helping you find a good Georgia brain injury lawyer. The time to act is now, so check out these resources, make a list and narrow it down to the best one. Then, go in for a consultation and discuss your case with them.


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