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Fun Brain Facts That You Never Knew Before!


Do you ever wonder, "How does my brain function?" Think of all the little things it has to do each day - breathing, blinking, walking, mathematical calculations, estimating distances, feeling happy or angry, remembering what happened 7 years ago - it's truly incredible that your brain function can handle all of these tasks. So how exactly does this magnificent internal organ work?

Fun Brain Function Facts

Function of BrainFirst of all, let's look at a few things that will probably surprise you. Your everyday brain function is more powerful than you'd expect. In fact, your brain is more powerful and quicker than even the world's fastest computer. It's the control center that manages all of your body's functions - from thinking to coordination and involuntary actions. It keeps your heart beating, regulates your temperature and processes all of the sensory information you come into contact with.

Brain Function Is Electrical

Your brain consists of over 100 billion cells and most of them are neurons. These are connected by wires and they're in charge of sending signals. Neurons are actually quite simple; they are basically "on" or "off." When on, they send the signal through; when off, they stop it. All of this information zipping around creates an electrical charge that can be measured by an electroencephalograph (EEG).

What Are Your Neurons Sending?

So, what are these neurons sending all over your grey matter? Brain function is regulated by chemicals. They're known as "neurotransmitters." Many of these have been identified by scientists and they have names like dopamine and epinephrine. They all carry out different functions in the brain and body. Some make you feel good, others make your body temperature rise; we still have no idea what many of them do.

Parts Of The Brain

There's much more to your brain than just grey matter. Your brain is made up of several different areas that carry out different functions. Through neuroimaging, which means scanning electrical activity on the brain and charting it on a computer, researchers have found out which areas handle which activities. The outer part of the brain that you see most often is the cerebellum. It handles most of the conscious tasks as well as some others like sensory information and motor control. Other areas of the brain are the brain stem, cerebellum and limbic system. Each area has its own brain function and some functions like language are shared among several different parts.

Is that all there is to brain function? Far from it! Brain function is extremely complicated and even a massive textbook can't describe it all. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, modern science still only knows a little bit about brain function. New studies are being conducted constantly and new technologies created to better find out what's going on in your grey matter.

Want To Learn More?

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