Fun Brain Review

Fun Brain Review: What Is It All About?


The Fun Brain website (provided by Pearson Education)is full of activities for children and their parents and it allows young minds to learn while having fun at the same time. The site is very popular with little children because it gives them such a wide array of games to play.

Learning While Gaming

Fun BrainThis site is meant to be educational so they base their games around educational activities. There are more than 50 games that can be played on this site and they range from mathematical games to reading games. While the children are playing they are also learning important skills that can be used in the classroom to enhance their grades.

Mathematics Can Be Fun

The mathematics games are perhaps the most popular of the Fun Bain site. Parents that are having difficulty getting their children to practice their mathematics can use this site to disguise studying as playing. Parents can join their children in games such as "Bumble Numbers" and "Moon Rocks" while encouraging them to challenge themselves as they reach new levels within the game.

Enhancing Reading Skills

Children are able to use this site to enhance their readings skills by playing a variety of games. The "Mad Libs" games are designed to help children learn about nouns, verbs and adjectives by choosing one of the many words that are flying around the screen. This approach to learning has the ability to teach them new skills while making it fun for them in the process.

Choosing Your Grade

Children of all ages can play these games since they are able to choose from a range of ages and grade levels. Once your child has completed the lower level games you can then raise the difficulty level so that they can tackle the next one. As they progress through all of these levels they will slowly begin to add to their knowledge of reading and mathematics in a fun and exciting way.

Playing For The Fun Of It

Fun Brain is not only meant for learning; there are many exciting games that children can play that don't include learning new skills. The website also contains fun reading materials such as comic books and movie reviews. Children can surf the site for hours looking through the new and exciting features that this site has to offer.

Adult Supervision

It is always important to supervise your child while he or she is playing on the net. Many adults have claimed that they feel their child is safe only when they are being monitored by an adult. Due to the nature of the internet adults should make sure that children are not redirected by popups of any kind and that they remain within the Fun Brain site at all times. If this is the case then the site is perfectly safe for children to use and adults do not have to screen the various games to see if they are age-appropriate. It is also very important to restrict the amount of time your children are on the net. Make sure that they have sufficient time to take part in activities that do not revolve around the computer.


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