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Fun Brain - A Review Of This Educational Kids Site


Fun Brain is a website full of interactive games, online books and comics, and educational resources. It's designed for kids, parents, teachers and librarians to help make learning fun like it should be. The games and books it includes are aimed at kids from kindergarten age to 8th grade. It has over 100 games that are all designed to help with reading, math and literacy skills. They also have books that are already popular with kids like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the ever-popular Mad Libs series.

Fun Brain Makes Kids Learn And They Don't Even Realize It

Fun BrainStudies have always shown that kids learn best when they're having fun. They don't even know that they're studying! This is the whole principle behind the Fun Brain site. Everything is designed to be both educational and entertaining. Each game has a solid objective. So often the Internet is used to waste time or get into trouble; it's nice to see a site that uses this technology to your kids' advantage.

Navigating Fun Brain

At the top there are buttons you can click for each type of game. The categories include "Math Arcade," "Reading," "Arcade," "Playground" and "All Games." Within each category there are different games and you can choose the one you want by subcategory and grade level. For example, in math they have addition, subtraction, multiplication and so on.

Resources For Educators

This site has games that parents can download right onto their PC at its "Parents' Place." There are also resources for teachers like curriculum planners, game directories and programs that record students' grades for you. You can also create your own online quizzes that the site will grade for you.

The Downside Of Fun Brain

There's just one downside of Fun Brain I have to mention in order to be fair. This is a free site but they also have a subscription site called Poptropica. Practically everywhere you click, an ad for Poptropica pops up. This is how they make money from the site I suppose. You've got to be really fast and keep your kids from seeing those ads and saying, "I want to see that!" It's a clever advertising strategy!

So they push their pay site on you; that's not too bad. Overall Fun Brain is a wonderful site. It's a great place for kids to spend time and it also has nice resources for teachers and librarians. Each activity is fun and stimulating and it keeps the kids off YouTube or other sites. I recommend Fun Brain for people with kids age K-8 who like playing on the computer.


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