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Whether you realize it or not, you use your memory every day. You place information into your short term memory all of the time in order to complete the tasks of the day. You remember a phone number to dial it or you read a recipe and remember a few steps in order to make dinner. You make use of long term memory everyday as well. It is important to remember a new route to work that shaves ten minutes off of your commute. While it may seem endless, our capacity for memory is limited. Certain people can remember more or more clearly than others and this capacity for memory can greatly influence our performance in school, work and life. Some of this capacity is determined by our genes but we can also train our brains to improve memory. One way to do this is to take advantage of free games that improve your memory.

Classic Memory Games

short term memoryThere are a staggering number of free games that improve your memory online. While most are designed to be amusing distractions, they can also help expand the capacity of your memory. Perhaps the most well known game that can improve your memory is the game called concentration. While various free versions exist online, the game can be played with a regular deck of playing cards. Concentration (sometimes called Memory) can be played alone or with opponents and can be made simple or complex. The object of the game is to identify pairs of cards that are randomly placed face down. On each turn the player gets to turn over two cards. If the two cards are a pair, they are removed from the field and the player continues. If they do not match, all players see the location of both cards and they are again turned face down. The players take turns turning over cards and identifying the location of each type and pair. Over time, the opponent with the better memory and recall performs better and wins by accumulating the most pairs.

Computer Memory Games

Computers have facilitated an explosion of free games that improve your memory that go far beyond a table and a pack of cards. With graphical browsers, mouse-controlled cursors and color screens, our memory can be challenged in any number of ways. Some games test spatial memory and sequence by requiring the player remember the location of objects in space and in a specific order. Other games require memory for tones, colors or patterns.

Just a Search Away

With the large number of free games that improve your memory available online, often users will gravitate toward the games that they are better at. Unfortunately, games that people find too challenging can make them frustrated and they may not pursue them for very long. On the one hand, it is useful to test the limits of the type of memory for which you have an aptitude. On the other hand, it is useful to challenge your memory in ways that it is not necessarily strong in order to improve it that type of memory. You cannot anticipate when you may need a certain type of memory in real life. By expanding different types of memory through free games, you can develop an increased capacity to create and recall memories when it is truly needed.

Looking To Improve Your Memory?

Improved memory can help you in many facets of your life. Having greater and quicker recall will give you an incredible advantage at school and at work. If you are looking for that advantage through increased memory there are three systems that I would highly encourage you to look at:

  • The Mammoth Memory Course - This is actually three courses in one. Mammoth memory teaches you how to increase your recall through many different techniques like 'Association' and training your sensory memory. Mammoth memory actually comes with 2 other courses FREE, Power Thinking and Lazy Learning, which give you practical tools to increase your cognitive skills and absorption. Check out their free preview!
  • Infinite Memory - Another extensive offering that includes loads of bonus material. At the core Infinite memory teaches you how to train your brain to remember using 5 central techniques or 'systems'; Link, Room, Alphabet, Phonetic and Body. Ryan Cameron, the author, believes (as do I) that the brain a;ready has the ability and capacity to be an incredible recall machine, it's simply a matter of re-asserting that ability. Take a look, and notice all the bonus material, it's a great value!
  • Memory Improvement - This is a combination of books and software. It was designed to get results in with the minimal of time investment, 5 minutes a day. But of course, there is no free lunch. You need to be extremely consistent with your training. This resource centers around 12 memory techniques and is bundled with the classic Roth Memory Course, among many other bonuses.

If you are serious about increasing your memory power take a serious look at these courses. They all are RISK FREE and feature MONEY BACK GUARANTEES. If they don't work for you, let the sellers know and they'll refund your money! You really have nothing to lose.. but your memory!


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