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Searching for the right Connecticut brain injury lawyer to help you settle your claim can be difficult. If you search in Google or another major search engine, you'll find legal professionals from all across the state. Each site will tell you that they're the choice for you. This information is pretty limited. How do you know which one is really going to get the claim you deserve? Here are some web resources that make finding the right Connecticut brain injury lawyer easier and more effective.

Connecticut State Bar Association

Connecticut Brain Injury LaywerThe Connecticut Bar Association website is a resource for the state's lawyers. It has lots of information about various aspects of the law. Under their "For The Public" page they have a free service to help you find a referral. You enter in your location and it gives you a list of attorneys in the area. Because they're listed on the state bar website, all of these are licensed and qualified professionals who offer valuable service.

Avvo has a database of lawyers all over the country. For each attorney, it has a profile complete with contact information. It also has ratings and rankings, and client reviews of their service. These can be valuable in helping you narrow your search down to just a few professionals that look good, and then you can call them. Avvo offers more details than you'll find on an attorney's website.

Super Lawyers Connecticut

The site Super Lawyers lets you narrow your search to find lawyers practicing in your area who can handle your case. Brain injury law is found under the category of "personal injury." You then enter your city or country, and it gives you a list of attorneys who practice in your area. When looking at their profiles, make sure that they make brain injury law a specialty. This is a complicated field and it requires a high level of expertise. The listings on this site give you information about their practice as well as contact information so that you can email them directly.


FindLaw is one of the Web's most trusted attorney search sites. If you're looking for a Connecticut brain injury lawyer, you can scroll down where it says "Legal Issue" and find "brain injury." It will then give you links to the websites of lawyers and law firms that specialize in this field. This site also gives you contact information so that you can call or email them directly.

Once you get a few leads, narrow it down to just 2 or 3. Then, call each Connecticut brain injury lawyer and schedule a free consultation. It really pays to shop around. You need an attorney who has specific experience in this complicated field, so make sure they've got the expertise you need.


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