Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

What's The Link?


There has been a debate over whether or not cell phones link with cancer for the past few years. It is a debate that nobody can seem to agree on and one minute we are told that cell phones do directly link to brain cancer and the next we are told that they don’t. So just what is the truth behind cell phones and brain cancer?

Why Cell Phones Have Been Linked to Brain Cancer

cell phones and brain cancerVarious studies have been conducted before the conclusion was reached that cell phones have a direct link to brain cancer. People who have regularly been exposed to cell phones as well as people who are in contact with electromagnetic radiation who have developed cancer have all added to the evidence that radiation can increase your likelihood of developing brain cancer.

Now the point to make is that using a cell phone every now and again will not likely cause you to develop brain cancer. It is through repeated high use of cell phones that is thought to be the problem. Also, it is the fact that millions of people use cell phones and it is all of the radiation combined that is really going to cause the most problems for us in respect to brain cancer.

There have been many instances where people have blamed their cancer on the radiation caused by their cell phones. However lawsuits have been rejected because there has not been enough scientific evidence to back up the claims. So just how do cell phones cause brain cancer?

Cells Emit Radiation

The reason why cell phones have been linked to brain cancer is because of the high levels of radiation that they provide. When you talk to somebody on your cell phone, a radio frequency of around 800-1,990 MHz is being transmitted from the phones antenna. This is the same frequency as what is found in a microwave and there is a high chance that your health could suffer because of it. It is thought that roughly 20-60% of the radiation is passed through your head and that is why cell phones have been linked to brain cancer. The radiation can go anywhere up to an inch and a half into the brain. However, it all depends upon how close the antenna of the cell phone is to your head as to how much radiation you will be exposed to.

As well as how close the antenna is to your head, the amount of radiation you are exposed to also depends upon a few more factors. The distance away from the base station and how long you are on the phone for will also play a big part in how much radiation you are exposed to. How old your phone is will also play a part as older phones do tend to produce more radiation than newer ones.

The main reason why a decision has not been made as to whether cell phones are linked to brain cancer or not is because they have not been around for a long period of time. Cell phones are fairly new and therefore there has been no real opportunity to carry out enough research to prove or disprove the claims.

Overall the debate as to whether cell phones do cause brain cancer or not is set to continue until proper evidence can be found to support the claims. More research is needed and that can only happen as time goes on. The risk is mainly increased if you use a cell phone regularly to make calls. It is unlikely that the threat to your health is serious if you only make the occasional call.


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