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It's not easy to find a California brain injury lawyer. With so many practicing attorneys in each metro area, it can be very difficult to find the one that's right for you. However, the net makes it much easier than it's ever been before.

Entering in "California brain injury lawyer" will turn up a whole list of attorneys' websites. Each will tell you what awards they have and why they are the perfect choice for you. These many choices are overwhelming and it's tough to pick the right one. Here is a list of great web resources that make it much easier to find the California brain injury lawyer that can help you with your claim.

FindLaw California

California Brain Injury LaywerFindLaw is a free service that allows you to search different areas by city, metro area or county. First, you'll see common cities listed, followed by a list of counties and metro areas. At the bottom is an exhaustive list of California cities, all listed alphabetically.

After you click on an area, you'll get a list of different legal issues. Scroll down to the section that says "Browse by All Legal Issues" and click on "brain injury." The next page will give you a list of attorneys' names, website links and contact information.

State Bar Of California

State Bar of California also allows you to search for lawyers, but it makes it even easier to find a good specialist. You can either look at the lists of areas and legal issues, or you can get a free recommendation from their referral service. Call 1-866-442-2529 (866-44-CA-LAW) or 415-538-2250. Their site also has loads of information about law in California.


iLawyer is a referral site that services several states including California. This site is a free and unbiased service which has been called "Low Cost, High Integrity" by the American Bar Association Journal. Brain injury lawyers can be found under "Negligence & Personal Injury Law." In addition to services that help you find an attorney, they also have lots of information under their "Law Area FAQ." You'll also find links to the various metro area Bar Associations of California, like the San Francisco Bar Association, the Los Angeles Bar Association, and so on.

California Brain Injury Law

Before you go in for a consultation with any of these California brain injury lawyers, you should know a few things about your case. First of all, talk to your attorney before you resume any communications with the other party. Let them know that your attorney will be contacting them, and leave it at that. You're entitled to damages if the other person was at fault. According to California law, even if you were partially to blame for the accident, you can receive damages. The amount will be reduced, but you can still get something.

Use the above resources to find a suitable California brain injury lawyer for you. Once you've found one you can work with, talk to them about your case. They'll be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.


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