Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor Facts - Symptoms, Risk Factors And Treatments


A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain or spinal canal. Around 35,000 people per year of all ages and backgrounds develop brain tumors in the United States. It is the most common type of solid tumor in children. Although it is always serious, a brain tumor is not always fatal. It is always serious because the brain cavity is small and tumors grow. However, some types of brain tumor can be successfully removed. It depends on size, growth, location and whether it's a malignant or benign brain tumor.

What Causes Brain Tumors?

Brain TumorThe exact causes of a brain tumor are unknown. There is an abnormal growth that grows and multiplies too quickly. Researchers are now looking into potential genetic and environmental causes. They are also considering the possibility that it might have a viral cause. Research continues and it may still be many years before the exact causes of a brain tumor can be discovered.

Brain Tumor Risk Factors

A look at the statistics shows that certain people are more at risk than others. Most people who develop a brain tumor are white males. Although they can strike any age, most of them occur in people over the age of 70. It also appears to be something that runs in families. Many experts believe that exposure to radiation or toxins can also increase the risk.

Symptoms Of Brain Tumors

Each brain tumor is unique and has its own symptoms. What makes it even more difficult to diagnose is the fact that many of the common symptoms mimic those of other diseases. A common symptom is having headaches in the morning accompanied by vomiting. Often, after vomiting you will feel better. Trouble with balance, coordination and walking straight could also be indicators. Many people who suffer from brain tumors experience changes in speech, vision or hearing, and another symptom is sluggishness or drowsiness. In some severe cases, there may be seizures.

Treating A Brain Tumor

If you believe you might be suffering from a brain tumor, you should consult your doctor immediately. Early treatment greatly increases your chances of success. When you visit your doctor, they will ask detailed questions about your medical history and perform tests. These tests will usually include a physical examination as well as more complex exams such as CT scans, MRIs and neurological tests.

Treating a brain tumor requires surgery. If the tumor is benign, there is a good chance that it can be removed successfully and you will never experience brain tumor symptoms again. A brain tumor is always serious but it is not always fatal. If you're not sure but you suspect that your symptoms could be caused by a brain tumor, see your doctor immediately.


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