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Brain Train - A Review Of This Mind Expanding Website


Brain Train is a site that offers cognitive training software. These are programs that are designed to help you improve your attention, listening skills, memory, self-control and reasoning ability. Brain Train offers software packages that are aimed at increasing academic performance and those that are made to help with life skills. These are aimed at people who have ADD/ADHD, brain injuries, mental illnesses or learning abilities. They help you improve your mind's functioning.

What Brain Train Contains

Brain TrainBrain Train offers access to a library of computerized exercises for your brain. This is a massive library that covers all different aspects of thinking and coordination. Each software package is geared toward working on certain skills or dealing with a certain impairment. There are many different packages and also one that puts them all together called the "Mental Gym." They focus on academic skills like math and reading, or on life skills such as listening or driving a car.

Other Things Brain Train Offers

Aside from their software packages, Brain Train also does testing, workshops and training for teaching professionals and ordinary people. These also focus on specific tasks such as reading or listening, or they address specific impairments and disabilities. In addition to training, their software packages also can be used to test and measure brain activity. All of their packages have customizable features for home use.

Brain Train's Credentials

Brain Train isn't just another gimmick to get your dollars. This is a very popular system that is used throughout the United States and abroad in 27 different countries. The company was established by psychotherapist Dr. Joseph A. Sandford in 1989 using the most recent research in treating disabilities and impairments.

The Drawbacks Of Brain Train

The only real drawback of the Brain Train system is that its programs are not useful for the general public. It focuses exclusively on people who suffer from a disability or mental impairment. Unlike other websites that offer challenging games to stretch your thinking ability, Brain Train has a much narrower focus. It's not appropriate for overall brain training for the general public.

Brain Train is a website that offers a valuable service for people with mental impairments, disabilities, ADD/ADHD or other cognitive difficulties. It's great for people who have suffered a brain injury and want to get back to regular mental functioning. The Brain Train website shows all the different packages, training workshops and other services it offers. It is also easy to navigate.


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