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Brain Rummager is a website that's about the English language in all its many forms. Although primarily an educational site for students, it's a great place to pot around and find all kinds of interesting stuff. The site is owned and maintained by educator and book publisher Brian Barrett and it contains over 140 pages of activities and information and 380 files! This is a site you can spend some serious time on.

What The Site Contains

Brain RummagerJust like its name "Brain Rummager," this is a site where you have to rummage around. Although it has a detailed menu with everything listed on it, it's much more fun to just surf around and check out all the English language-related stuff here. Much of the site contains educational activities for sharpening your English skills. It includes puzzles, anagrams, word play, language exercises, code puzzles and more. The Brain Rummager also has dictionaries, thesauruses, and information about word origins, homonyms, punctuation, spelling and more. It is truly overwhelming! Here are just a few of its interesting features.

Name Your Nonsense

We all remember when we were kids and the teacher made us create an anagram from our names. You had to think of a descriptive word that started with each letter. "Jenny" might be something like Joyous, Exciting, Nice, etc. The Brain Rummager has a page called "Name Your Nonsense" which takes this a step further. Instead of just thinking of adjectives that describe you, it shows you how to make a whole story using your name! This is a challenging writing exercise that really gets you stretching your vocabulary skills.

The Huge Gigantic Immense Word And General Knowledge Symphony

If you're really up for this, here's a massive puzzle that only has 9 letters. You're given a box with 9 letters (3 by 3) and a list of clues. The clues are like those of a crossword puzzle, but all of the answers use these 9 letters only. At the top of the page, it warns you that you might need a dictionary or thesaurus handy! There are a total of 50 clues in 5 "movements."

7 Brainbenders

How can you resist something called a "brainbender?" These are creative puzzles that start with a simple clue, the answer to which is a four letter word. The next box is a second clue for a five letter word - it's the same four letters with one added. This goes on until you have an 8 letter words using the original four and all the additional letters. This is just one of the brainbenders and all work in a similar way!

All Kinds Of English Language Information

All of this is not to mention all of the purely informational pages which are also fascinating. The Brain Rummager is a truly fun and addictive website. In order to fully experience it, you just have to dig around and see what it has to offer. One warning though: you can get stuck on The Brain Rummager for hours! You'd better set a few evenings aside for it.


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