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Riddles, brain teasers and brain twisters are meant to give your mind some exercise. They force you to consider things differently and "think outside the box." Usually, riddles, brain teasers and twisters turn out completely differently than you thought they would. Let's take a look at some of the most famous ones. The answers to these riddles, brain teasers are at the bottom.

The Kidnapping

Brain Riddles TeasersThis one's supposedly based on a true story. A man's son was kidnapped. The kidnappers told him to bring a diamond to a phone booth in the middle of a park, and that they would make the exchange there. The man told the police and they surrounded the park, figuring that they'd catch the kidnapper going in or out. The man went to the phone booth and then later came out. He told the police, "I made the exchange." How did he give the diamond to the kidnappers?

Three Mountain Climbers

Here's another one that really makes you think. Three men decided to be the first to climb a very high mountain. It was a known fact that no one had ever climbed it before. After days of dangerous hiking and climbing, they finally reached the top only to find a cabin three frozen bodies. How could this be?

The Wise King

A wise king had a beautiful princess, and she had many suitors. In order to decide who would win her hand in marriage, he created a competition. Whoever won could claim her as theirs. She was placed in the center of a room that was 50 feet by 50 feet. Each suitor was assigned a corner where he had to stand on a small box. The first to touch her was the winner. However, there were some rules. They could not leave the box, could not hang from anything and could use only their bodies (no tools and no magic either!). One suitor figured out a way to touch her and won her hand in marriage.

As you can see, riddles, brain teasers and mind twisters give your thinking abilities a good challenge. No matter what answer you come up with, there's always a little twist at the end. By practicing riddles, brain teasers and puzzles like these, you can make your mind more flexible and better able to deal with problem solving situations.


The Kidnapping - Waiting in the telephone booth was a carrier pigeon who flew away with the diamond in exchange for giving the man the address where his son could be found.

Three Mountain Climbers - The "cabin" was the cabin of an airplane and the three frozen bodies were passengers who had frozen after the crash.

The Wise King - He asked her to walk over and touch his hand!


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