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Brain teasers are questions that have to be answered using the information within the riddle. At times these teasers are simple and they can be answered fairly quickly. At other times the questions are more difficult and they take some time to work out. They offer an excellent way to challenge and sharpen your mind.

The Riddle Of The Brick

Brain RiddlesThis riddle requires that the reader have a basic knowledge of mathematics in order to solve it. The riddle is as follows: if one brick weighs 1 kg and the weight of half a brick then how much does one brick weigh? The answer is below!

A Cabbage, A Goat And A Wolf

A farmer buys a goat, a cabbage and a wolf and then attempts to cross a river with his purchases. When he gets to the river he realizes that he can only take one of his purchases with him across the river at a time. If he leaves the cabbage and the goat together then the goat will eat the cabbage. If he leaves the wolf and goat alone then the wolf will eat the goat. How does he get across?

A Man Living In The USA

This riddle is very simple and you have to pay attention to the phrasing of the riddle itself in order to answer it. The riddle is as follows: why can't a man living in the USA be buried in Canada? Many people might begin to think of legal issues why this is so but the answer lies in the question itself.

Two Trains On The Same Path

Two trains are heading towards each other on the same track, on the same day and seven o'clock. Why do they not crash? In order to answer this question your brain needs to think "outside of the box".

Chinese Men And Japanese Men

Why do Chinese men eat more rice than Japanese men? The answer to this riddle lies in your general knowledge.

Using Riddles To Train Your Brain

Riddles require sets of skills to solve. This is what makes them fun but it is also what makes them so tricky. Spending time on solving difficult riddles will help you to train your brain to solve problems in creative ways. The more you practice these skills the more you will get from them in the long run. This is why brain teasers work so well to give your thinker some exercise!


The Riddle Of The Brick - In order to work this out you will need to use the equation: a= 1a + 1/2a. Answer: 2 kg's.

A Cabbage, A Goat And A Wolf - He takes the goat across first and comes back for the cabbage. Then, leaves the cabbage on the other side and takes the goat back across with him. He leaves the goat and takes the wolf across. Once the wolf and cabbage are safe on the other side he comes back for the goat and takes it across.

A Man Living In The USA - The man is still living and so he cannot be buried.

Two Trains On The Same Path - One is traveling at 7pm and the other at 7am.

Chinese Men And Japanese Men - Although the answer to this is simple you have to be aware of population statistics in order to answer it. Answer: there are more Chinese men in the world than Japanese men.


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