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How To Increase Your Brain Power


You don't have to do Sudoku puzzles or complicated mathematical equations to increase your brain power. No nuclear engineering textbooks are necessary! Instead, you can boost brain power by making a few simple changes in your everyday life. Here are five guaranteed methods for increasing your brain power.

Learn A Language

Brain PowerNothing increases brain power like learning a language. It helps you to think more flexibly and see the world around you in different ways. Studies also show that it fights dementia and other age-related problems. Research suggests that students who learn another language perform better in all other subjects as well and score higher on IQ tests.

Play Memory Games

All of us could use a little more brain power in the area of memory. Improving your memory also helps reduce your risk of dementia when you get older. Try remembering something that's difficult to remember just for the sake of doing it. Instead of looking up some fact or asking a friend, force your brain to reach back and find the answer. You can also do exercises to strengthen your memory, like trying to remember in sequence everything you did today.

Eat Right For Your Brain

What you eat doesn't just nourish your body; it also provides essential nutrients that can help to boost your brain power. Fresh veggies, fruits and nuts all help to improve brain functioning. For fruits, blueberries and avocados are some of the best. Almonds are a great choice for nuts. For veggies, go with anything leafy and green. Spinach is especially good. Eating fish also helps because it provides omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil.

Learn Something New Every Day

Make a commitment to discover something new you didn't know before every day. Keep a journal of your learning if it helps you to remember it. Take up subjects that have no useful function in your life just to be learning something new. And to boost your brain power even more, remember the above tip - teach it to somebody.


Meditation is a sure-fire way to increase your brain power. It teaches you to control your mind and also be more aware of both its functioning and the world around you. Meditation enhances mental focus, concentration and memory. It also provides the benefits of mood elevation and stress reduction. In many cultures around the world, meditation is an ordinary part of daily life, but it's now catching on in the West as more research proves its brain power benefits.

Increase Your Awareness

Spend some time each day using your five senses to deepen your awareness of the world around you. Sit somewhere and listen to all the sounds that you hear. Touch things and see they feel. Develop your five senses and try describing what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This increases your brain power as well as enhancing your daily life.


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