Brain Nutrition

Fuel For Your Cognitive Machine


Your mental abilities depend not only on regular use and a varied type of use but also on nutrition. Don't forget although it's only 2% of your body mass your brain uses 20% of the body's energy. Your brain needs massive amounts of energy, in comparison with the other organs in your body. Also, the brain needs the proper materials to build, heal and grow it self. Supply your brain well with the right foods and it will supply you with endless thoughts and functions.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Brain NutritionOmega-3 oils are important compounds that can stimulate brain power. These oils are found in particular fish and certain seeds and nuts. Your body cannot make Omega-3 oils from other compounds, so it's extremely important for you to eat food rich in them. Omega-3 oils work directly on the brain, nourishing cell membranes and increasing the strength of connections between brain cells. They help you to learn, and make you feel better emotionally. Any food with Omega-3 oils is a food to stimulate your brain.


Sugar is a required element for healthy brain function. The problem is not that we don't get enough. The problem that nowadays people are eating too much sugar in their diet and are suffering the negative consequences. Try finding foods that are composed of complex sugars or complex carbohydrates. These will last longer and dole out the sugar over a longer period of time.


Herbs not only serve to make tastier meals but also can effect your thinking, literally! Herbs and brain function have long relationship. Herbs have a profound role in boosting many functions of the brain. In fact, for thousands of years, herbs have been used to improve memory, enhance mental abilities, increase concentration, raise mental alertness and increase attention spans. They act in a number of ways. They help blood circulation in the head, they contain healing anti-oxidants and other brain helping compounds.

Brain Vitamins

Your body and brain are like a car. If they do not have the essential and components they can not work properly. In addition to general good nutrition your brain needs certain vitamins to function properly. Brain vitamins are chemicals that your body can not produce on its own and has to get from the foods you eat. These are essential for survival as well as properly functioning memory, concentration, emotions, mood and performing certain mental tasks. Make sure you get plenty of these vitamins with the best vitamin supplements out there.

A strong mind needs a strong diet. Learn more about the different compounds in our foods and how they affect the brain. What foods should you eat more of? Which should you eat less? Does preparation of the food make a difference? Answer all these questions and more through the links below. Bon Apetit!


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