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Brain Games Fun - Sharpen Your Noodle And Have A Laugh


There's no fun like brain games fun. Brain games fun involves using your grey matter to solve puzzles, figure out the answers to riddles, stretch your memory and more. The best thing about them is that they're both entertaining and educational. Let's take a look at brain games fun and see how it can help you stay sharp.

The Benefits Of Brain Games Fun

Brain Games FunBrain games fun makes you think. It challenges you to be creative and flex your mental muscle. By playing games like these, you sharpen your thinking and speed up your thinking time. It's just like exercise that you do to make your body stronger or more limber. You can use it to improve your memory and studies show that brain games fun can help reduce Alzheimer's disease and other degenerative mental disorders.

Types Of Brain Games Fun

While anything that makes you think is technically a "brain game," there are some distinct categories. These games are extremely popular - you see people everywhere working on Sudoku puzzles or playing chess. Even the popular video game "Tetris" is a game that challenges you to think fast. That's why most people either love it or hate it. Here are some of the most common categories.

Riddle Me This

Long before there were computer games or crossword puzzles, there were riddles. This is the world's oldest form of brain games fun. Riddles almost always have a twist at the end that makes you smack your forehead and say, "DUH!" For example: Jim's mother has three sons; David, Greg and guess the third." The Answer is below.

Which Piece Goes Where?

Puzzles are another classic example of brain games fun. We've gone way beyond the classic 52 piece puzzle showing a boat in the river. Nowadays you can find all kinds of mind-stretching puzzles online. They include math puzzles, word puzzles, block puzzles (where you slide the blocks and move them around) and logic puzzles.

Don't Forget

Mnemonics are games that force you to stretch your memory to its limits. Most of these involve associating things to be remembered (for example, names, musical notes, letters, etc.) with something else. For example, you might use colors and link each of these to a certain color. The most well-known mnemonic is probably an easy way devised for children to remember the planets - My Very Educated Mother Just Set Up Nine Plates (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

Check Mate!

Finally, there are strategy games. For some people, games like chess and checkers are long, dull affairs, but for many this is a highly stimulating way to enjoy brain games fun.

Brain games fun is a great way to kill some time, whether you've got a long commute to work, an evening with nothing much to do, or lots of work to do but you'd rather play games. Not only is brain games fun entertaining, it's also a good way to improve your thinking and memory. It just might save you from senility too!


Riddle Me This - Answer: The third son is Jim.


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