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If you are like so many other people in the world then you probably enjoy playing games on your computer. The next time to find yourself bored with nothing to do you should turn your attention to brain games. There are many of these activities on the net and they are not only fun but they are good for your mind.

Code-Breaking Games

Brain GamesCode breaking games involve symbols and letters. The game places the symbols in a particular order and it is up to you to solve the puzzle by connecting the symbols and the letters. As you choose the correct letters the symbols will begin to spell out words. The game usually allows you to access clues when the game becomes a bit too difficult. As you progress through the game the clues will decrease and you will be forced to solve trickier codes.

The Hourglass Games

The hour glass games revolve around mathematics. Using the hourglasses, which are set according to a certain amount of minutes, you must try and add the time up to get a certain amount. If you are given two hourglasses that contain 4 and 7 minutes respectively you might be asked to time 24 minutes using these time keepers.

Trap The Object

This game used a board on which an object is roaming. With every move you make the object will move also. As the object moves around the board it is up to you to trap it. By playing this game your brain is forced to come up with creative ideas of trapping the object. The difficulty levels on these games range from easy to difficult. Once the game begins to become easy for you, you should raise the difficulty of the levels to challenge your mind.


Sudoku seems to be the hottest game on the market right now. Everyone seems to be playing this game and it is not only fun but it also challenges your mind. In this game you are given a certain amount of numbers and it is up to you to fill in the missing ones. Not only do you have to fill in the missing numbers but you must also make sure that no number is found in the same box or the same line. As you progress through the "easy" stages of this game your brain will find new ways of solving these puzzles and you can then move on to the more difficult stages of the game.

Memory Games

Memory games can be played online or with a simple deck of cards. In order to play this game you must have sets of matching symbols or pictures and lay them out, facedown, on the ground. You will then pick up two cards at a time and try to match the pairs up again. Once you have found a matching pair you will put that pair aside and continue to match up the rest of the pairs. A pair that does not match must be put back, facedown, and the player must attempt to remember where they are in the future.

You'll find lots of variety in brain games online. These are fun games and they present a wonderful challenge for your mental functions. Next time you're bored with nothing to do, get online and get thinking!


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