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Brain Fun And The Tricks You Can Play On Your Mind


Training your brain does not always have to be a boring task involving complicated mathematical equations or difficult riddles. There are lots of fun tricks and puzzles that you can use to ensure that your brain is constantly trying to improve itself.

Optical Illusions

Brain FunOptical illusions are sights that force us to see something that is different in reality. These illusions trick us by confusing our brain into thinking that what we are seeing is actually in front of us. As our eyes and our brain battle to find the truth we can enjoy the baffling experience.

Subliminal Words

Many people think that our brains are more aware of subjects that we find meaningful. One way to test subjects that are very important to us at the moment is to play the subliminal words game. In this game many words are flashed in front of you and they pass by almost too fast to read them. Your brain picks out certain words rather than others and these are said to have more meaning for you. Then, you can try to figure out why your subconscious picked out these words.

Circular Motion Optical Illusions

Your brain can force your eyes to believe that a picture is moving when it is not. The circular motion optical illusion consists of circular patterns which form wheels on the page. As your eyes become accustomed to the picture it begins to move. As your eye is drawn to a particular wheel it stops moving and the wheels around it continue to move. Once you draw your eyes away from that particular wheel it will begin to move along with the others.

Alternating Color Illusions

Your brain is set to work a certain way and it does not always matter what evidence happens to be before you, the brain usually believes what is in front of it. In the alternating color illusion, a bar is set against a background which changes in shade from light to dark grey. A bar is set in the middle of the background and it appears to change in shade from light to dark grey but it does not. The bar is actually one color and this can be seen once the bar is taken away from its background.

Counting The Legs Of An Elephant

In order to confuse the brain, there is a drawing with an elephant with four legs. The body of this elephant takes the usual form but this will not correspond with the legs. Because of this discrepancy the elephant will usually look as if it has more legs although this is not the case.

Training Your Brain With Optical Illusions

Training your brain with these optical illusions is fun and there are so many of them that you will not run out of possible choices. Practicing with these illusions should be something that you do often, especially when you are bored. The next time you are sitting around with nothing to do you should spend some time playing with these illusions. Seeing, as you will come to understand, is not always believing.


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