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Fun Brain Facts That You Never Knew Before!


The brain is an incredible organ. It does all of your thinking for you and controls all of your body's functions, both voluntary and involuntary. Here are some interesting and strange brain facts that most people don't know.

The Weight Of Your Brain

Brain FactsYour brain uses 20% of the energy of your whole body but it only weighs 2%. An elephant's brain is larger than a human brain, but only takes up 0.15% of its body, so that gives you an idea of how smart we are. The human brain is around 3 pounds. As far as parts of the body go, that's not very heavy. Your skin actually weights twice as much as your brain!

What's The Brain Feel Like?

First of all, the brain isn't actually grey; it looks pink. This is because of the blood flowing through it. If you could hold your brain in your hands, it would feel like a ripe avocado. The texture is so soft that you could cut it with a butter knife. But that would be a terribly stupid thing to do.

Billions And Billions

Your brain is around 78% water. The rest is lipids, protein, carbohydrates, salt and other organic materials. There are 100 billion brain cells (neurons) in the brain. That's roughly the same number of stars in our galaxy. There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels with about 3 cans of soda's worth of blood flowing through it every minute.

Making Connections

While you're awake, your brain is creating anywhere from 10 to 25 watts of power. This is enough to power a light bulb. Whenever you have a new thought or remember something, you actually create a new physical connection. On average, every person has around 70,000 thoughts in one day. Hopefully one of them is to call your mother – it's her birthday. The brain generates more electrical impulses in a day than all of the telephones in the world put together. You blink about 20,000 times a day and each time your brain's visual receptors kick in to keep things lit up for you.

Amazing Kids And Old People

The first sense babies develop in the womb is the sense of touch. Babies are born with a natural ability for joy, happiness, fear and shyness. How a child is nurtured determines how these emotions develop. Children who speak two languages before age five have denser grey matter as adults.

We hope you enjoyed these fun brain facts. In spite of it being mostly water and feeling like an avocado, your brain does amazing things. Share these brain facts with your friends and you can make some great party conversation that will make everybody wonder about you!

Want To Learn More?

We recommend investing in this guide to human physiology and anatomy. It will help you learn anatomy, including the brain, very efficiently and quicly!. Plus it's a fantastic reference for the entire human body with an extensive section on the brain.


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