Brain Exercises

6 Brain Exercises That Are Easy And Effective


Brain exercises help to improve your mind in everything it does. You can work on memory, concentration, sense perception, language skills, problem solving and more. You can even use brain exercises to build more grey matter! Here are 6 simple brain exercises that you can do anywhere.

Learn The Words To A Song

Brain ExercisesOne of the easiest and most enjoyable brain exercises is learning the words to a song. Take a song that you don't know well and commit yourself to learning all of the words. This is a great memory exercise and it also boosts your acetylcholine. This is a chemical that actually builds your grey matter. By doing this, you'll also have a much wider repertoire for your showers.

Find Something Good To Read

How much do you read? Did you know that simply reading is one of the best brain exercises in the world? Spend a little time each day reading. It doesn't matter what you read, just get into something. Reading activates many different areas of the brain and also prevents you from suffering as badly from brain injury. Research suggests it might also prevent dementia. And you just might learn something new!

Give Meditation A Try

Have you ever just sat and done nothing intentionally? Try sitting somewhere comfortable and start breathing deeply. There are lots of different meditation methods and all have proven benefits for your brain. You can try deep breathing, creative visualization, concentrating on one thought or sound, or just thinking about nothing and letting thoughts pass naturally out of your head. Just don't empty it completely.

Pay Attention!

How much do you pay attention to your everyday life? Sit somewhere and try to recall everything that you did today from the moment you woke up. Or when you're away from home try to visualize perfectly what your room looks like. This forces you to start paying better attention and also improves your memory.

Switch Hands

If you're right handed, use your left hand to perform your usual daily actions like brushing your teeth or writing (and vice versa - if you're left handed, do it with your right). This is one of those brain exercises that gives your mind a nice challenge. With a little practice, you also might become ambidextrous.

Do A Little Mental Math

We're not talking about algebraic equations here; just do a little adding and subtracting in your head. This is one of the easiest brain exercises to improve your short-term memory. It forces you to simultaneously hold a thought in your head while also performing a simple calculation.

Give these brain exercises a try and see if your thinking gets any sharper. These are simple brain exercises that are guaranteed to produce results. If you want more, there are lots of websites that have simple games and brain exercises for free.


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