Brain Cancer Symptoms

More Than Just a Headache


Just like cancer in any part of the body, it's incredibly important to know and recognize brain cancer symptoms. Early detection is key in managing and defeating the disease. The earlier you can recognize these symptoms in a loved one or even yourself, the better the chances of remission and survival.

There are instances when a brain tumor will form and progress for quite some time without any accompanying symptoms at all. In a case like this, it is really hard to discover the presence of the tumor without actual medical tests. However, there are far more instances where people with brain cancer tumors display at least some of the symptoms and can realize early on, the need to be checked by a professional.

Behavioral and Sensory Changes

Some symptoms you will notice for example are strange changes in behavior, changes in emotional patterns and impaired judgment. People showing these types of erratic behavior should be encouraged to see a doctor since these are not just brain cancer symptoms, they can be symptoms of other mental illness, drug abuse and/or other addictions.

Another set of symptoms involve changes in sensory perception. The person will experience weird changes or problems with their senses. The sense of smell can be altered, you might be hold a rose to your nose but smell smoke for example. Vision can become blurred or spotty or the person might start seeing double and maybe only on one side. Sense of touch, for example could be changed in such a way that even though nothing is touching his or her hand, they feel prickling or tingling. The senses of hearing and taste can likewise be affected, perceiving something that is not there.

Common Symptoms

brain tumor symptomProbably the most common among brain cancer symptoms are headaches and migraines. Although headaches are a frequent result of a brain tumor, there are all kinds of reasons people get headaches. However, if there is something new and/or different about your headaches, you should see your physician.

Other Symptoms

Some symptoms mimic stroke symptoms. Things like sudden paralyzation of one side of your body or memory loss or trouble speaking could be the result of a brain tumor or a stroke. Either way it's obviously best to get checked out!

Clumsiness and trouble with walking could be a symptom of brain cancer. If these problems come upon you unexpectedly and you cannot explain them, it is important to let your doctor decide if they related to cancer or to another condition.

You may not be clumsy or have trouble walking, but you may find that you are weak. Your legs may seem barely able to hold you up. It could be that the only symptom you feel is the loss of feeling in your arms and legs. One of these, most of the time in conjunction with eah other, could very well be a symptom.

Persistent vomiting that occurs for no known reason might be associated with brain cancer symptoms. If you have seizures when you do not have a seizure disorder, you should take it seriously and go to the doctor. When you feel so lethargic that you have trouble staying alert, even though you are rested, seek help.

You cannot live your life in fear of brain cancer symptoms. Yet, if you do have a problem that you cannot explain, think back to these symptoms. If you suspect that they may apply to you, go to your physician to be sure.


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