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Brain Age is a game offered by Nintendo DS that's supposed to be the equivalent of a rough day at the gym for you mind. It's unique among Nintendo games in that it offers games of all shapes and sizes that make you stretch your mind. According to the makers, it can "make your brain feel fresh and sharp."

Test Your Brain Age

Brain AgeThe way it basically works is that Brain Age gives you simple tasks that you're supposed to perform each day. These are math and memorization based for the most part. It tracks your performance each day and shows you graphs that tell you how you're improving. It also gives you your "brain age," a function where it compares your scores and knowledge base with others of different ages.

The Philosophy Behind Brain Age

According to creator Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, the repetitive thinking tasks in Brain Age are designed to exercise your brain's prefrontal cortex. This is the part that allows you to use the information you've learned before. Many of the activities are timed, and this forces you to focus on the activity at hand and stay with it. Doing it routinely each day also sharpens your mind and picks up your speed. Many people who have become hooked on this game say that they can see their speed increasing day by day.

What Does Brain Age Contain?

Brain Age gives your noggin plenty of variety. Most reviews of Brain Age love the Sudoku puzzles the game contains, which go way beyond anything you've done in a Sudoku book. It has activities like solving easy math problems while counting people going into and out of a house at the same time, and counting syllables while performing various other tasks. Most of the activities involve using the touch screen and it even has classic literature that you read out loud!

Is This Really A Nintendo Game?

Is Brain Age really a Nintendo DS game? It hardly sounds like one. It's all about your mind and not the game itself. It has cheesy graphics, monotonous Atari-like sounds and tasks that are horribly repetitive. But lots of people find it strangely addictive. Even after laughing at it at first, they find themselves unable to put it down. You get into a routine with it and start looking forward to your training each day!

One of the things people love about Brain Age is its simplicity. It's pretty unique among Nintendo games; you're not saving the world against the forces of evil or fighting off a zombie apocalypse. But through these simple tasks, you get your grey matter working faster and more efficiently, and that's the whole point of the game.


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