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Aso Brain is a site full of online games that stretch your brain to do some serious thinking. It was originally started by two college students who created to site so that they could play their favorite board games online. It got bigger and bigger, and finally they decided to open it to the public. Now, Aso Brain a huge site with all kinds of games and other projects that anyone can enjoy.

The Games On Aso Brain

Aso BrainThe most popular part of Aso Brain is all of its games. They've taken all of your favorite board games and uploaded them to the site. They run on Java, so if you've got that on your computer, that's all you need. It's free, but you have to sign up for an account. Once you're signed up, you're ready to play. Games include Xplorers, Toulouse, Road Block, Match and more. These are all strategy games that give your brain a little exercise.

Other Features Of Aso Brain

Aso Brain also has some other features that are cool. One is the ranking system that allows everybody to compete with each other. Just like a video game, you get a score and you can try to get to the top of the games that you like. They also have "clans." These are groups of players that band together. Members have to qualify and then they can play in their clans for fun or for rankings. Sometimes there are "clan wars" where different clans compete against each other. Aso Brain also has forums where people can chat with each other. On the site you can also find information about all of the game designers many other programming projects.

Aso Brain Is Addictive

One warning - as any player on Aso Brain will tell you, it can be highly addictive. Although the creators describe it as a "hobby" site, it can quickly become a life-consuming obsession. Once you get caught up in all the clan wars and strategy games, it's hard to stop. So, this can be another wonderful time-waster that keeps you from doing your work! And everybody could use more of that in their lives.

Aso Brain is one of the best known online gaming sites. It has lots of members and there are lots of fun games on the site. The best part is that signing up is absolutely free. All you need is an internet connection and Java; if you don't have Java, the site even walks you through the steps of downloading and installing it. Sign up on Aso Brain and let the hardcore gaming begin!


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