Alternative Treatments and Brain Cancer

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There is nothing scarier than being told you have brain cancer. Survival rates are low for this dreaded disease. Many doctors will tell you there are no known causes to this mysterious disease. Treatments for brain cancer can be as frightening as the diagnosis so it is important to know about alternative brain cancer treatments.

Orthodox Treatments Ineffective

Orthodox treatments for brain cancer involve chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgery. Survival rates for brain cancer patients are appalling. Only 5 in 1,000 survive. The reason for this is the "Blood-Brain Barrier" which prevents many substances from entering from the bloodstream into the brain. This barrier protects the brain from everyday harm in normal patients but can also block life-saving treatments from entering the brain for cancer patients.

Alternative Treatments and Brain Cancer

Alternative MedicineCancer treatment is both physically and emotionally exhausting. Not only are medical treatments damaging to the body, the anxiety and emotional stress related to tests, treatments and fear of dying harm the mind. To give you the best chance of survival, it is important to focus on the needs of your soul and the rest of your body. In this article we will cover the alternative treatments that help the body restore itself and not those that are targeted to the cancer itself. For a very comprehensive guide of alternative treatments that are targeted to the cancer itself, the such as natural chemotherapies, check out this Ebook by Arthur C. Brown from Wayne State University.

Acupuncture for Pain Control

Acupuncture is well known for its ability to help control pain. It can also help patients heal more quickly after surgery. Not only does acupuncture control pain, but it can also help reduce local post-operative swelling. Energetic acupuncture is a method using needles with electricity and local heating herbs. This type of acupuncture gives the patient a sense of well being and speeds recovery. Larger cancer institutions have acupuncturists on staff and provide this service as part of a comprehensive cancer treatment program.

Massage for Relaxation

Massage TherapyMassage is another helpful alternative treatment that helps relieve muscle tension, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Soft tissue massage stimulates the nerves and blood flow, relieving stress and aches. Massages are typically done in a quiet room with soothing music and aromatic oils, which further helps the mind and body to let go of tension.

Meditation Stress and Anxiety

Meditation is another often-used technique in treating brain cancer. The American Cancer Society define this treatment as "a mind-body process that uses concentration or reflection to relax the body and calm the mind. It has been defined as the intentional self-regulation of attention, a mental focus on a particular aspect of one's inner or outer experience." Studies have shown that cancer patients who practiced mediation reduced their stressful symptoms by one third and two thirds had fewer mood swings.

Hypnosis for Stress and Nausea

Hypnotherapy is another method used to reach a state of relaxation to cope with the anxiety cancer patient's face. During hypnosis, a patient is resting but fully alert and very relaxed. It can be particularly helpful for patients who have developed conditioned nausea responses from chemotherapy treatments.


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Alternative Treatments and Brain Cancer