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If you've been seriously injured and are now suffering trauma to the brain, you need to find a good Alabama brain injury lawyer immediately. The yellow pages and late night TV commercials used to be the best deal going, but now we've got the World Wide Web. Searching blindly in a major search engine will give you too many links to choose from. Here are some sites that offer better search methods.

The Alabama Bar

Alabama Brain Injury LaywerThis is the website for the Alabama Bar Association. Every attorney in the state must be registered here. It guarantees that you will find quality legal help with an experienced professional. At the top you'll see a link that says "Public Resources." This will give you a pull-down menu that lets you search for lawyers. Enter your location and the category for your case, and you'll get a list of candidates. You can contact them through the site or look at their profile to get more information. is a national directory of legal professionals in different fields. You can use it to find a brain injury lawyer practicing in the state of Alabama. First, choose your practice area, which in this case will be "personal injury." Then, it will give you a list of states and you can choose Alabama, followed by a list of cities. You'll then get a list of lawyers with more information about their practices. Each will give you information and ratings where previous clients have given them a score on overall performance. Once you find a few that you like you can contact them directly through the site.


Avvo is a similar website, where you can search by practice area and location, but it has one major advantage over It shows you information and attorney ratings, but even better, it has reviews from past clients. Here, you can learn more details about their practice. This is an excellent tool for narrowing down your list. Once you find a few professionals that look good, you can check them out on Avvo and see if anyone has complained about their service. This is a good way to weed out the ones who may not get your claim settled to the best advantage.

Finding the perfect Alabama brain injury lawyer is all a matter of knowing where to search. The World Wide Web brings the whole world to your fingertips. Use the above websites to find competent professionals who can help to settle your claim. Spend some time reading the reviews and profile information. These will help you to make the most informed decision possible.


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